This and that

I’ve been keeping busy with this and that.  First of all, my first day of filming went very well.   I had one of the bigger trailers, always a plus.  I showed up just before 6am and started looking for my character’s name on of the long trailer doors and couldn’t see it.  Then an A.D (assistant director) pointed towards on the shorter trailers.  Ah!  Always nice to have more room to spread out in.  The cast was great, very easygoing, I knew one of the other “jurors” so we had a laugh.  (You might have seen her in “Juno”, she played Michael Cera’s mother.)  The day consisted of us going into a conference room, packed with two cameras and crew, doing stuff, shuffling out, reset the cameras, and then shuffling back in, doing stuff and repeat. Now one of the highlights of working on set is free food all day and since there’s a lot of waiting around, the “craftee” table is where all the action happens.  Well, it’s a low budget shoot, so craftee wasn’t very interesting.  No chocolate, no cool snack bars, no yogurt, no mixed nuts.  Lucky me.  There were scotch mints though so I had good breath all day long.   Long day, but hey, I love overtime.  Even got a tip on a cleaning lady from a background performer, so all in all, a very productive day.  Hubby took off a day to mind the wee one and wouldn’t you know, it was a rare sunny day and they spent hours outdoors having fun.

Oh, yeah, JuJu has got a big wart under her chin!  So gross!  Apparently, it’s from a virus, not the infectious sort to either canine or human, but gross nonetheless.  I think it’s affecting her self esteem.  It started bleeding because she was playing with a giant piece of wood but the vet said that was normal, it would soon turn black and fall off.  Ewww.  It’s been a month now and I hope it falls off outside the house.  Yeah, I hope you’re not eating breakfast or something.

On the weekend, I attended a post-partum depression awareness picnic.  I know what you’re thinking- WTF? – but it was being organized by a friend of mine who had suffered severe post partum depression after the birth of her twin babies.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned her since she was successful on her 2nd IVF attempt and promptly forgot about what it was like to be in the trenches.  Of course, having twins and being depressed might have had something to do with that.  But it was a decent day and not far from where I live, so I trundled off with Baby K and a delicious pannini from Safeway to support a good cause.  I even met a woman who had adopted a baby from Vietnam and her son shared the same name as my son.  I met another beautiful smiling woman happily pregnant with #3.

You know, I still get that ache from seeing a swollen belly.  Funny, huh?  Not the kind of ache that makes me avert my eyes and run for the nearest bathroom to bawl my eyes out, but a kind of wistful feeling, like when you see someone driving the fancy ass car of your dreams.  You know you’ll never have one, probably don’t even want one anymore cause who wants the hassle of an import with high insurance and high maintenance costs and god forbid someone scratches it, but still, your head turns when one goes by and you wonder what it’s like to just drive it around the block. But I can still hold my pee, so there!

I chatted with one Brazilian woman with a lovely 3 month old son who was sleeping in  a BOB revolution stroller.  I mention the brand because I’ve been eyeing them up for months.  So much so that we have been looking on Craig’s list and consignment stores for one, but nothing has come up.  We finally went out and bought one at Mountain Equipment Co-op. And you know me, there was one left and it was the demo hanging on the wall and of course, I asked for a discount – and got it!  Sweet!  Nothing like a couple bucks off to make me happy.

Which brings me to my next rant – why do these high-end strollers make you pay for attachments?  At the price of them, they really should include all the extras!!  It rains here (and that’s all it’s being doing lately) so of course, we had to get the rain cover – ka-ching! – and the handlebar cupholders – ka-ching!  I saw one very popular brand at one of the fancy baby stores that was $700 (not including the cupholder). I’m surprised they don’t charge for the wheels!   And ladies and gentlemen, in this town, we drink coffee so we need cupholders!  Ah, but at least, I have no more excuses about jogging with baby – I’m all set.  And those high chairs?!  What is up with that?  The beautifully designed European ones charge extra for the actual seat and cushion to strap a baby into the chair! But get one of the domestic brands for a third of the price (made in China) and you get all the trimmings!

Hubby took the baby out for an afternoon walk with the dog in the trails – CAUSE NOW WE HAVE A JOGGER STROLLER!  Was that all it took?  A new gadget?!  Lawdy!  Yes, I did go gasping/jogging and it was a breeze to steer in the trails.  It felt good to sweat.  I honestly hate exercise but one of the benefits is that feeling when it’s over and you’re sweaty but calm.  I felt like I had done at least a tiny bit of service on behalf of myself.  I even jogged a bit in the rain – which I normally loathe – but despite me wearing rain boots and my so-called waterproof jacket, I felt compelled with such a great stroller.  I’ve been practising loving, kind words of encouragement to myself instead of the usual claptrap about the size of my thighs.  Let me tell you it’s tough, but I’ve been too hard on myself lately.  I think I’m not used to good things happening to me so I’m making up stuff to keep myself in the crab bucket.

We’re going to Toronto in a few weeks so that will be a nice change.  I just want to see some old friends and introduce them to the Precious.  Haven’t travelled with a kid since the day we brought him home.  Ah, the crap you need to bring along – ugh!  We will now be the people on the plane that no one wants to sit beside. Hah!  By the way, did you know West Jet is now CHARGING AN INFANT FEE?!!!!!!  WTF?  Is that like a tax for annoying passengers with screeching?  He’s not taking up a seat but I wonder if I get something for that? Maybe I should get a seat just for him!   An extra bag of pretzels?  Will they heat up his formula?  Rub his feet?

8 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Congrats on the part! Glad filming went well 🙂

    Those BOBs are nice. I have to stop myself from being too interested in baby gear for fear of losing my mind. haha Hooray for getting out jogging though! I’m cheering you on.

  2. Fist bump of stroller twinsies! I’m so glad you got one, too – I love mine so much. And I don’t even run anymore (rate I’m going I’ll never start again) but the sweet ass steering on those things just spoiled me for any other stroller. I agree about the attachments – ridiculous! I just got the sun/mosquito screen and it was $70! I probably won’t bother with the rain shield cause it’s SK after all, but with the spring we’ve had, maybe I should. Feels like the coast only without the ocean and mountains and big trees and… ok, it doesn’t feel like the coast at all, it’s just crappy rainy weather.

    Blah blah blah.

    I am so far behind on posts it is embarassing – well, I’m reading but just not commenting much these days. Glad you’re trying to be kinder to yourself re: your bod. You deserve kindness and nothing but kindness. Plus you are smokin’ hot, no matter what your critical mind might say.

    I’m so happy your day of filming went well – hope there are many more of those to come in your future.

    Miss you guys. Wish we could go on a long afternoon walk together with our matching strollers.

    Oh, and what the hell is up with WestJet? That deserves some major complaints, I’m thinking. I will say that whenever I’ve complained to them I have ended up getting something (like a credit on a flight) so perhaps we should both start dialing their 800 number…

  3. This is a great post 🙂

    You really hit it with the pregnant belly/car analogy. That is exactly what it is like.

    Hey, just a suggestion that MIGHT work for your trip… there any way you could ship some of the stuff ahead so you don’t have to take it with you….OR, maybe rent it in Toronto? I know when we traveled to Florida when S1 was little, there was a place that rented out strollers, cribs, blah blah blah and it was a life saver.

    Don’t kid yourself…..your Precious will be a huge hit on the flight and all the flight attendants and little grandmas on the plane will be itching to get a chance to flirt with him 🙂

    • I told hubby we could rent a stroller, but he insists on buying one to avoid hauling Mr. Butterball Turkey all around the airport (though we could just as well use the carrier) – we will get a crib at the hotel. And no, we won’t ship anything ahead cause it’s more money than buying.

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