Birthdays and such

Ah, I’m TIRED today! Must be cause I’m another year older!   Argh, it was my 47 birthday on Saturday.  Oi vay!  I can’t believe that number!  There’s no wrapping my head around the fact that I’ll be half a century in a few years.  Omigosh, and now I’m well on my way to being the oldest mum on the playground.

I had managed to make it to a J. Michaels (it’s a craft store) to purchase some stuff so I could make a Father’s Day gift for DH.  A colleague of mine suggested I frame K’s handprints, so I arranged our day around getting there, getting the goods (fingerpaint in 3 colours, paper, matted frame) and getting back before DH made it home.

The following day, on my birthday, I thought he might take the dog out for a long walk before his relatives arrived, but after delivering Chez McDonald pancakes to my bed,  he wanted us to all go out together.  I thought I would have time to get everything together, but no.  We all went out and then by the time we got back,  the relatives arrived.  We went for a wonderful lunch at this cool Vietnamese restaurant up the street, wandered over to a neighbourhood Strawberry Festival event and saw this unusual dog. It’s called a Komondor or Commodore.

commodore dog

Well, it wasn’t this particular dog, but a puppy version of it.  It was still a puppy and it was the size of an English sheepdog.

Juno was not with us, so she didn’t get to make a new friend.  Amazing looking, eh?

Lucky for me, DH’s aunt volunteered to babysit (he hadn’t even thought of asking !!!!) so we could go out for dinner.  I could tell DH was exhausted (cause you know who was up extra early) but we made it a couple blocks up the street to a Japanese izakaya restaurant.  Will definitely order the crab rolls again.

I had two delicious lemon drop martinis (I wanted dmore but I had to be on set the next day) and poor DH had to order a Red Bull.   Then I decided to talk deep stuff. My existential angst.  Sigh.  Poor DH, sometimes he just doesn’t get it.  He can’t figure out why women have to complicate stuff and I can’t figure out why he just can’t listen and nod his head.  I also told him why I had been a bit moody and that “hockey coach” talk about “getting over it” DID NOT HELP AND NEVER WILL.   As we headed for Starbucks for a coffee and hot chocolate, I realized that we had not had enough of “couple” time.  Usually, he would have put more of an effort to celebrate my birthday, but I could tell he was exhausted.  We’re relating really well as parents, but sometimes we need to check in with each other.

This week, I’m going to be super busy working evenings and then we’re going to the island to visit his parents, so he’s going to have some long days at work and at home.  He really has to learn to ask for help.

I had to work on Father’s Day, and of course, my present was ready, but I still managed to get some cards and a Starbucks gift card ready for hubby before I left.  So my filming days are done and I thoroughly enjoyed being on set with some wonderful people.  I didn’t really do much, more of a well paid extra, but it felt wonderful to be in the business again.  It’s funny, though, all the people playing the jury had an incredible amount of experience and talent, but were definitely underemployed.  It was a low budget production so there were few frills, but everyone was just grateful to be working.  I wish each one of us really had more to do, it’s such a shame to see such talent go to waste, but alas, that’s what happens to a lot of Canadian actors. It’s more of a service industry here and the talent just fills in the blanks around the American leads.  I found that I had so much less ego than ever before, it simply wasn’t that important to me anymore.  It certainly wasn’t about glamour.  But I felt good, my pilot light was still burning.

8 thoughts on “Birthdays and such

  1. happy belated birthday! hope it was a wonderful celebration. I love those japanese restaurants and they’re everywhere in vancouver! xo

  2. Happy Birthday!! You most certainly do NOT look 47!! There is a place in N Delta that makes the neatest rolls. I know it means a trek to the burbs but if you want to, DH & I would be totally game to a dinner out.

    Happy Father’s Day to DH as well. I hope he liked the gift.

    Glad you got a chance to be on set and have a good time. Hopefully there is more of that coming your way.

    • I’ll talk to DH about it, omigosh, why do you have to live so far???? We shot the movie at the New Westminster City Hall and I thought New West was far. I’d still come though – we’ll have more time I think after our trip to TO.

  3. I was the oldest mom on our playground too. The ladies MY age had kids in middle school (6,7,8 grade here). In my head I would tell myself that I was just far more experienced than those other mothers…..not older, just wiser 🙂 (Yeah…I can be delusional)

    I am glad you still felt the spark working. Doing something you really enjoy really does make you better all the way around. As they say, “if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”.

    Don’t even get me started on the men issue. I married one, and have raised 3 more and I STILL shake my head at the differences between the sexes.

    Did the pup have the “dreads” like the bigger dog in the photo? TOO CUTE!

    • The pup was about the same size as the one pictured but his hair was just starting to dread. They basically just had to pull the hairs apart to prevent them from turning into one big matted mess.

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