Dancing as fast as I can, kid!

Ah, the teething has begun!  I have a feeling our trip to T.O. is going to be a little bit rough.  Mr. Wonderful went from a hearty eater to a Jekyll and Hyde baby who only wants his bottle and he wants it NOW!  No, not yet, okay, NOW!  Poor little guy.  The other day, I’ve literally had to calm him down long enough to get the bottle in his mouth; he was crying so hard.  I’ve tricked him into a couple of baby spoonfuls throughout the day but he’s just lost his appetite for food, but luckily he tends to tank up before bedtime. He also had two, count’em two naps this morning.  He got up with the crows and woke us up with his own crowing and then fell asleep with me an hour later.  But he only slept an hour and he batted my face and refused to let me sleep.  So up I got and started our whole morning routine and then  he started up the whine machine.  In sheer desperation and frustration to soothe him I started to chant.  He laid his head on my belly and just grinned while I stroked his head and did reiki on him.  It was the oddest thing!

By the afternoon I remembered the homeopathic tablets which seemed to work and then when DH came home, I went off to an audition, zipped back home and then went to work.  I’m so  friggin’ exhausted I should be in bed. but I need to unwind a bit. I haven’t seen mum all week cause I’ve been working at night and dancing as fast as I can during the day with Mr. Hyde.

Of course, he was a dream for DH.  Sigh.  He’s trying to make me look like a liar.

4 thoughts on “Dancing as fast as I can, kid!

  1. Eep! I don’t have direct experience with a teething baby, but my friend SWORE by baby num nums? I think that’s what they’re called? They’re teething rice cakes, so that they can teethe and still get a little caloric intake. Good luck & Happy ICLW!

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