Looooooonnnnnngggg weekend

Crazy busy long weekend!  Happy belated Canada Day and Independence Day! Canada Day fell on a Thursday this year so hubby took Friday off.  He got up early to watch a FIFA game with a friend and when he got home I had a surprise for him.  I bought him a new BBQ!   He was thrilled! Guys love gadgets, don’t they? Our old BBQ was so ancient, he’d been complaining about it for years, so while he was out of town, I rushed to get it before the HST tax came into effect.

I had it in the back of the truck, but he got it upstairs then headed into the park for a walk (omigod what time is it moment) I realized that I didn’t really have time to do that because I had made plans with a friend to go to free noon hour concert.  The annual jazz concert had come to town so there are some free concerts to be had.  I used to take mum to at least one or two of them.   So I took the kid and rushed out of the woods, knowing I only had 45 minutes to feed him before we had to pick up mum.   I started to feel completely stressed out as I was trying to get changed and get his food/bottle ready at the same time to the lovely  tones of his screeching.  I also called the nursing home to ask for a wheelchair so we could all walk there.  I took a breath and surrendered to the fact that I had no time for makeup.

The nursing home lent me a wheelchair so we could walk there (no foot rest – swell) but mum was feeling sprightly so she made it on her own steam.  That’s a good thing.  I wish I could post the video, it was hilarious – mum, of course, talked through a lot of it, but she had a blast.  I kept telling her to whisper to no avail.  There was this couple who kept turning around and shooting looks at her, but apparently they were lacking in tolerance.  Too bad, people, demented old people don’t care.  The baby had a blast; mum felt the spirit during the last song and she took off down the aisle towards the performers.  I hightailed it after her before she grabbed the mic out of the singer’s hands.  They didn’t mind though.  We had so many people come up to us saying how much they loved watching my mum dance or how adorable the baby was.  It was worth all the effort to get there. I had one of those moments where I just looked over at mum who was so delighted to spend time with the baby and it brought a tear to my eye.  Off we dash, I dump mum back at the care home and back home to find the in-laws had arrived.

On Saturday we had a little celebration  to mark the occasion of the Precious joining us forever. Wow, my house was full of children. (Hard to believe.) Loud is not the word.  4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 babies.  I can see DH and hubby will be clashing around the subject of playing ball in the house.  I prefer the idea of little boys not whipping balls around, narrowly missing crystal glasses and escaping to the unsupervised balcony patio.  He seems to think it’s okay.  Cause you know, boys are supposed to run around and get into mischief.  Ahem, I just see broken glasses and emergency room visits.  No, no and no.  Our friends can parent any which  way they want, but no way, my kid will be well-behaved and listen when I say no.  I’m going to eat my words, aren’t I?

Anyway, we toasted his “Forever Ours” day with some prosecco. We thanked everyone for all their words of encouragement and support.  I also asked my best friend to be his Buddhamother.  I made up the word, but it’s the same as godmother. I’d like her to be around for him to remind him of the Middle Way, keep him in her daimoku and do whatever else godparents do. The Precious did really well, sitting in his bumbo chair with the other kids keeping him company.  It was a very emotional day and lucky for me, I was quite occupied handing out food, drinks, cleaning up.

Sunday rolls around and we’re off to DH’s godson’s birthday party in a park.  Oh, boy, seems like going anywhere with a kid requires major planning and packing.  I was exhausted by the time we got there.  Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious of my age with a baby, but by the looks of some of the other guests, it seems that people are waiting until they’re older as well (or it took them a while to get there).   Everyone seemed to realize that we had adopted so I got lots of congrats.  Well, at least, I didn’t get asked about breastfeeding (though someone did ask, “Oh, is that formula?”  like it was some sort of contraband).  At one point, I realized that everyone was yakking on about their kid or kid related stuff, and I have to admit, I was a little bored.  I love talking to people, but everyone was trying to keep tabs on their children.  Yes, I am enjoying somewhat the relative peace of a non mobile kid.  Soon, kid, but not quite yet.  DH was off walking the dog, and keeping his friends’ kids entertained and I passed the Precious around like he was a tray of appetizers.  Man, that kid is heavy.  Alas, I had neglected to bring the sling du jour Ergo carrier with me.  It was a nice day all in all, I trundles him off and went down a slide with him. By the time we got home, Precious did not feel like going to bed until late – which wouldn’t be too bad if he actually slept til 7am.  Woe is me, those days are gone. Hah!

I’m certainly feeling a renewed interest in getting into shape – if for no other reason than to keep up with my son.


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