On vacation!

So far we’re having a great time in Toronto – oh, yes, it’s been sweltering hot, but this morning it is RAINING!  Of course, we have a lot of umbrellas at home and we did not bring ONE! Luckily, the mall is not far so we can solve that problem easily.

The Precious was an intrepid traveller on the plane.  No crying at all.  He didn’t sleep much but he kept himself entertained and charmed all the nearby ladies with his gummy smile.  We checked into our hotel room and man, it was not as big as we’re used to.  Apparently the Shriners are in town and a king room was not available.   They delivered the crib – some iron cage monster and after some rearranging of furniture, we barely fit in the room.  Luckily, DH asked for another room, and lo and behold a king size bed was suddenly available.  Thank goodness!  I didn’t want to complain but honestly, the room they gave us was tiny and I was ready to pay extra to upgrade to a jr. suite.  We ended up throwing our stuff in the crib and moving ourselves.  Getting help was a little bit hard with all the Shriner action.  Grand poobahs as far as the eye could see!

Later, we went to the Keg for dinner.  It was a pretty hip and happening place but family friendly because they offered highchairs.  Years ago, I used to go there on the weekends and get gooned with my friends of Keg sized cocktails.  Wow, times have changed.  You see lots of strollers and high chairs in steakhouses now. We received great service, all the celery stalks The Precious could chew or fling on the floor, and lots of pretty hostesses stopping by to admire his cuteness.

His napping habits have been sporadic but  he settled down to bed quite nicely after a bath, bottle and bouncing on the knee.  DH and I even had time to sneak a little schmoo time (quietly).  Just when I thought the teething had abated somewhat, he woke up around midnight on his first night SCREAMING as if he was on fire.  I’m pretty sure he woke up the entire floor.  Luckily, we got some Tylenol down his throat  and a cold towel in his mouth and we settled him down pretty quickly.  Poor baby!  I had brought homeopathic  Camilia and teething tablets but the pain was too acute for those to work.  Now, you’d think the Tylenol would knock him out for a while, but noooooo, he was up early.  Sad to admit those 12 hour sleeps are a thing of a the past.   DH – bless him – got up and fed him and rocked him back to sleep – so I could sleep in a bit.

In this heat, we haven’t ventured very far but my friends are coming to us, bless them.  I’ve seen two of my old friends so far.  One, a man who gave me away at my wedding; he’s a playwright, actor, director, dramaturge and another male friend, another actor who has been sidelined with HIV for years, but recently went back to acting. These guys are really a part of my “chosen” family and they have always been there for me.  Today, I will get to see my dear friend of almost 30 (gasp!) years and her preteen daughter.

Gotta remember to use the video camera and take more pics…..


3 thoughts on “On vacation!

  1. Yep, that was quite a downpour this morning!! how long are you in town? Glad you are having a good visit!

    I tried to get us a room for our anniversary earlier this week at the Royal York, but they were booked solid. Then I read about the Shriners convention & it all made sense. The Queen was also still in town then. We wound up staying at the King Edward, which is also very nice — I just tend to think of the Royal York first when I think swanky hotel, lol.

    Have fun!

  2. Hi Lady,

    It’s so wonderful to hear you are on vacation and reconnecting with old friends – I hope it is recharging and renewing — I miss that tremendously and would give just about anything to see old friends — particularly those people who I knew when we were all trying to write…

    Boy have we had some epic napping issues lately — all that developmental stuff I guess — so I’m right there with you — I just tell myself that this too will pass and on to the next phase!

    I think of you so often — and I remember when I first found your blog — and now, look! It’s miraculous isn’t it?

    Love to you and yours — I hope the sun shines on your vacation too…



    • Oh, boy did it ever! Stinking hot! The kind of humidity that makes you sweat through your clothes if you walk a block. But then it rained and things got much nicer! Oh, the old life we used to have, eh? And the life we have now – oh wow!

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