We had a great time in Toronto, survived both the heat and the Precious’ crankiness due to teething.  Mmm, how long is this supposed to last anyway?  It’s been a few weeks and still no teeth breaking through.  I can see the lower ones just under the skin.  We were prepared with homeopathic liquid, tablets and good ole Tylenol for extreme pain.  He was a trouper anyway, poor kid, we had him out for hours on end. We ended up doing to him what we swore we’d wouldn’t do.  Come to think of it, we always do that to ourselves.  I had an opportunity to go out alone to do some shopping because the baby had to nap.  Well, 15 minutes later, I get call from DH that he was up and could they join me.  Well, errr, sure, hon.  I think my heart actually sank.  It’s not that I didn’t want to hang out with them, it was just that my biggest beef with motherhood is getting that all important alone time.  I just need about 90 minutes or so to recharge.  I like to wander about and browse stores taking my time, using stairs, not ramps or looking for elevators to go up a level.  Hubby did all the work, but I was conscious that I was keeping the baby out past his comfort level and I had to hurry to get what I wanted.  Whenever we travel, we end up doing far more than we should and get all cranky and tired.  We just love to pack in one more thing, just one more stop.  Then we flop into bed exhausted and of course, the Precious still gets up early, eager to start the day.

We made it out to my oldest sister’s for dinner.  Funny, how she went crazy with food and really overdid it.  Remember how she never ate anything at my house?  I was terribly hungry with the heat and all, but I ate (refused the pasta) and of course, the caramel cheesecake went down pretty good.  (I have no willpower.) She even packed a little bag with goodies to go.  It reminded me of how mun would often do the same thing. Of course, we talked about the kids, the economy, DH’s work and no visit is complete without the tour of my sister’s house.  It’s not  fancy, but she was so proud of the improvements they had made to it.   Interesting that it was jam packed with pictures of her nuclear family, but none of her sisters or her mother.  Perhaps I should send her some.  Like my mother, she is very proud of being a homeowner.  I, myself, would rather kill myself than own a house in the neighbourhood I grew up in, but she seemed happy with it.  I have to say that I’ve never wanted to live in a far out suburb.  I don’t care to live right in the heart of a city, but in a neighbourhood where you are close to shopping, retail stores and a neighbourhood coffee shop.  I want a place to walk the dog and wave to the neighbours.

DH often held the baby while I visited with friends which gave me a chance to talk without being distracted, and as a result, he discovered that he’s pretty darn good at soothing His Royal Crankiness.  He’s got this knee bouncing thing that puts the little bugger to sleep every time.  It was great seeing my old friends.  They were so generous, bringing gifts for our new addition and every item was absolutely perfect.  I suppose if I still lived in Toronto, I wouldn’t even see them that much, but it made me feel good to know that after all this time, they were still there for me.  Feeling the love.  It meant the world to me.  I wished I could be there for them in their everyday lives.  They all went on to live their lives.  Some are still struggling, some are doing extremely well, everyone is just trying to do the best that they can for their families.

Odd that that they’re children are practically grown or at the very least, in school and we’re just starting out.  I looked at their kids and saw the resemblances in their parents’ faces.  I’ve been told that the Precious looks like me.  I assume that’s just because of the skin tone and maybe the African nose.  Hubby jokes that he looks more like him.  He says that when he’s out with him, he gets these quizzical looks all the time.  And when I’m with him, I get tons of compliments and unsolicited advice.   When we’re all together, I just put my arm in his and let everyone know that we’re all part of the same family.

2 thoughts on “Family

  1. Teething blows. I have an amber necklace for C but it’s hard to know if it actually helps or just looks cute. C’s main thing with teething seems to be restlessness as opposed to crankiness, but he hasn’t got any of the bigger teeth yet so I guess we shall see. Hope your little one gets a break soon ( and you, too!)

    glad you had a good visit back east. I don’t envy you travelling in that heat with a baby, but I sure love Toronto.

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