Brokeback mummy

I had another delicious lazy Saturday to myself – it was hard to muster the energy to actually DO something.  I just wanted to sit in peace. Hubby and Precious and Juju  had been out early and when they came back, I was still sitting on the couch.   DH remarked that he thought I would be out by then, but I wasn’t feeling very energetic.  My back had been bothering me for 2 days and it wasn’t a real joy to move about.  Of course, my chiropractor was on vacation.  Sigh.  Back to Thermacare wraps and extra strength back pills. Also, my left heel is cracked again.  (This happened the last time I tried to do a lot of walking.  Just in time for sandal weather, I might add.  It seems the second I put on sandals, even the most comfortable ones, I end up back in socks and running shoes.  Good thing I bought 3 pairs of sandals, eh?  Haha.  Boo. ) So now my feet hurt and my back hurts.  Oh, man, hard not to feel like I’m breaking down.

I managed to visit my mum and take her to Starbucks for our usual outing.  She even let me finish my drink and local paper without the usual demands to leave the second we sit down.  I know, it sounds horrible, reading the paper when I’m with her, but honestly, a fluid conversation is impossible and she likes to comment on people as they walk by.  We manage, in our own way. I talk about sales of grocery items or she points out whoever catches her eye on the street.

I walked down to Gastown later (yes, I managed it) and attended the Illuminaires event with a friend.  It was nice to have a drink on a patio on a beautiful summer evening and admire the lanterns my friends had made.  One girl had made a trio of jellyfish with shiny paper (it looked very cool with lights glowing inside of them) and my friend had made a square paper lantern with the four seasons of a tree.  Beautiful, so creative.  I was especially proud of my friend, who is starting all over again, after her 16 year marriage ended abruptly.  She looked wonderful and happy and eager to try new experiences.  It reminded me of when I first came to this city, and trying out my big girl wheels for the first time.  I prefer being married, but having lived on my own for years, despite loneliness, I loved being on my own.  I hope that she will heal and be happy.

Good news, despite my decrepit body, I managed to lose 2.2 lbs.  Hallelujah – pass the cake!  Kidding.


5 thoughts on “Brokeback mummy

  1. Oh, dear! Having a sore back is misery, especially with a demanding little one who needs lifting up all the time. Hope it feels much better soon.

    I totally understand reading the paper with your mum. It’s taken me a while to be comfortable enough with my MIL to just do my own thing around her, but it all goes a lot better when I give up the idea that we’re going to have an actual conversation. Sometimes it backfires and as I putter about, she gets impatient and starts whistling at me or otherwise indicating that she needs my complete attention to her ramblings. Grrrr – I’m not fond of being whistled at that way. But anyway, I get it.

    Go you on the 2.2 lbs! I think you look beautiful just as you are, but I am also cheering you as you work towards reaching your goals. Hope you are feeling more like moving around very soon! XO

  2. Honestly, just letting your mom have interaction and being out and about is wonderful. Titillating conversation isn’t a requirement for an outing 🙂

    As for back pain….I really DO feel your pain. I had an injury 20 years ago that can’t be fixed and it is a daily presence in my life. It is in the thoracic region and wearing a bra makes it worse. (Yeah, any excuse to let the girls fly loose;)

    You sound like me…woohoo, I lost weight, lets go get Klondike chocotacos 🙂 (if you haven’t never had one…DON’T. They are highly addicting!)

  3. Chocotacos?

    I’m so distracted now– what was I going to say?

    I’m so glad you have some delicious YOU time. It is delicious, isn’t it? A good friend of mine just posted her vacation photos and one was gastown — and I felt sorry for myself that we haven’t been back to your neck of the woods for six years or so — time to come back!

    I was just reading a local magazine about all these fantastic restaurants and places to go out — and even though when I COULD I rarely went out it made me want to go to each one…

    And HOORAY on the weight loss! I, like Anna, am cheering you on!



    And I wish you could walk with me too — I would make it at a more reasonable hour but the sad part is that in this state it gets too bloomin’ hot after the sun rises…bah!

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