Home sweet home

My back is still an issue, it’s difficult to lift and tote the Precious around, so I have to make it a priority to get in to see the chiropractor this week.  We spent a  few days with in the laws on the island.  We had a really nice time, had some wine on the patio, wandered here and there, played with the dogs.  It’s a long weekend for us here, but we came back a day early to settle in before the regular week begins.

It was my idea to visit the in-laws this time; I had called to see if they had any special plans last week.  I just wanted to get away.  It was a very busy weekend downtown this weekend, it was both Pride Week (the parade was yesterday) and the HSBC Fireworks Show, and while I’m usually into attending both, I’ve seen them up close and personal for years. This year, we missed it all.  No dykes on bikes, no half naked svelte boys on floats.  Maybe next year, boys, maybe next year.

I think I’m ready for a move.  Living downtown is getting on my nerves all of a sudden.  I’m yelling at a lot of drivers who refuse to acknowledge me and my kid entering a crosswalk.  I’m sure it’s this new motherhood gig I’ve got, but I’ve been feeling like I want to settle into my own home.  We rent a beautiful apartment from my friend at a substantially reduced rent, but we’ve been getting hints that they want to sell.  It’s one of those buildings where it’s only one unit per floor.  Since it’s a very small building however, repairs are expensive and I think there are some major repairs coming up. We’re right off the entrance to the Stanley Park causeway (killer view), and our alley hosts delivery trucks (beep, beep, beep) 7 days a week.  Since I’ve been kinda tied to being at home for 8 months, the noise is really getting to me.

One of the things I’ve noticed since I came to this city is that there appears to be a divide between renters and owners.   There are a lot of condos in this city and the owners of said units think they own huge estates and are entitled to snotty attitudes towards renters.  It’s not much different in this building.  We get along with everyone, of course, but I’d like to have more say about where I live.  And right now, I don’t.  When it was just us two, I didn’t really care about owning so much because we could travel and buy shiny things to keep us distracted, but now, I’d like to be able to put up a shelf without worrying about putting a hole in the wall, scratching the hardwood or replacing the fixtures.

Of course, our down payment for a house is having a nap right now, but I let hubby know that it’s now a priority for us to find a home just for us.  And oddly enough, he agrees.  It wasn’t long ago that bringing up buying a home would start a huge argument, but now as a new papa, he’s now imagining kicking a ball with his kid in a backyard with his dog sitting in the shade.  Now, I’m not ready for suburbia, forget about that, but some place a tad further out.  I’d like to be able to walk to a local coffee shop, grocery store and dry cleaner.  I have no idea of how I can make this happen, but I am determined that it WILL happen.


7 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Oh! how I relate to this post. Not that we live in the city but the arrival of our twins has changed a lot about how I feel about my home. It felt perfect when we were two and now suddenly feels strange and inadequate. Here’s to happy home hunting.

  2. Sorry your back is in bad shape. I hope the chiropractor works wonders for you! I’ve always thought about going but have yet to make an appt… someday 🙂

    We totally do the “recovery from vacation” day too! haha

    I can imagine how much a new family member makes you want to change where you live. I was surprised at how much easier buying a house was than we thought it was going to be. A hassle, of course, but we had no trouble finding and getting approved for a nice house with barely any savings. Looking forward to hearing about your search when you start!

  3. I don’t know anything about the laws where you live, but here, we can take the interest we pay on our home loan off our taxes. (which means less taxable income)

    Homeownership is wonderful. I have been a renter and an owner. They both have their advantages. Renting, if something isn’t working, make a call and the landlord fixes it on his dime. Owning, you still make a call, but you pay the repair guy yourself 🙂

    Our town is smallish (in comparison to a large downtown city setting) and we have many neighborhoods that are within walking distance to parks, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping etc. If you take your time and maybe even look at areas where you previously thought you wouldn’t like…you might be surprised. Our tastes and desires change over time.

    Have you thought about building? We found a lot we liked, in the area we wanted, and found a great builder that was just starting out. Consequently, we got a great deal, and we were completely involved in all of the aspects of the house.

    • Unfortunately in Canada the interest on your home loan is NOT tax deductible. Bollocks! DH is thinking of North Van which gives you a lot more for your money – in a city where houses are at LEAST half a million (one million the area where I would like).

  4. Good luck with the house hunting! It’s an eye opening experience to see how some people live.

    N Van is so nice – good choice!

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