First of all, I like to say that I’ve been trying to post comments to my Blogger pals but there’s an issue with Open ID or WordPress or something.  I’m reading, but can’t easily comment.  So I’ll sign in with my Google and see what that does.  It just means that I’m linked back to my old space.


I made a remark to DH the other day about just ordering stuff I need online and he made some snarky comment about not wanting to actually go outside and do anything.  I snarked back and then he says he was kidding and I used to have a sense of humour.  Why is it that when I don’t think something funny, it’s because I don’t have a sense of humour?   He’s supposed to say, oh, yeah, that way we wouldn’t have to deal with things not being in stock after all the hassle of getting there.

I went to Lululemon cause I wanted to get a new pair of crop pants and when I get up there they don’t have my size in a plain black.  So it’s not a big deal I guess, I get the one with a teal waistband.  I noticed though the other style I was looking was also sold out in my size, so going online  t as I’m chatting with the salesperson about that style and what I want them for, this woman interrupts us and asks about a pair of shorts.  Okay, we were in the middle of a conversation, but fine.  We go back to talking about fabrics and sizes, etc, then she interrupts AGAIN and asks for another colour.  I’m having a perfectly fine day but now as I’m irritated by the way the woman interrupted us without so much as an excuse me.  Not chatting about the weather but the young girl was actually trying to help me.  There are other wonderful bubbly little girls to help her in the store, but she’s fixated on the one I’m talking to.  So of course, in that uniquely Canadian way, I announce just loud enough for her to hear, “That was rude, wasn’t it, eh?” and go back talking to the lovely girl about running and thighs and stitching, etc. I have the kid with me in his giant stroller so I figure now’s not the time to pick a fight.

Now I bring this up because I was feeling a bit grumpy about the city lately.  Not that the city has changed, I’m just feeling PMSy. People who walk in front of cars, texting away, bad drivers, people walking five abreast down the sidewalk.   Running low on daimoku and the proper hormones always leaves me feeling slightly ready to bash somebody in the head.  Is there a law that says I should tolerate asshat behaviour from perfect strangers?  NO!   Bodhisattva Never Disparaging would be so disappointed in me.


2 thoughts on “McCrabby

  1. I feel like people are getting ruder/more oblivious to the people around them too. There are days on the train when I can shut out the a**holes who are talking too loud (to their friends, or on their cellphones), & others when I want to scream. You’re not alone.

  2. I completely empathize about the store experience; it really sucks to spend a bunch of money on something at a nice store only to be interrupted by someone else when there are other salespeople available.

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