The long weekend break meant that I didn’t go to my WW weigh in and since I was at my in-laws that meant drinks and chocolate bars.  Empty calories.  Sweet, blessed empty calories.  Now before you all go crazy, I had two. And I didn’t even get drunk.   My dear sweet mother in law did provide low fat cherry fudge frozen yogurt – WHICH TASTED LIKE ASS.  (Don’t even ask me how I would know.)  The following week my eating habits got a little sloppy and my walking decreased.  It’s a bit of a challenge if I can’t actually make a formal gym class because of course, I’m trying to walk the dog, feed the kid, meet up with people at certain times or get errands done.  Or I’m stuck at home when the kid is napping.  Good new is that my energy is a better because I’m going to bed earlier. And when the sun is shining, it’s great to get out and about but I can’t always do a “brisk” walk.

When I went to weigh in this past Monday, I was up about 1/2 a pound.  0.4 to be exact – damn Nazi scales!  I wasn’t surprised, I was getting bored so that meant a couple of stroopwaffels and Skinny Cow ice creams falling into my mouth.  Not incredibly fattening really, and they taste better than carrots spritzed with salad dressing.

Let’s be  honest, I’m hungry. Me being hungry equals me being bitchy.   I don’t think I’m eating that well either because a woman can only eat so much romaine lettuce.  When it comes to food, guess you know who nutritional needs come first.  I’m making organic baby food for his Highness on the weekends.  Maybe I should just puree all my food – that would be easier.  I wonder if you can puree  a hamburger.  Or fish and chips.

I need to plan my meals, so I have something decent to eat.  Y’all know how great I am at planning.   I’m left with few alternatives.  Frozen WW entree or some equivalent or whatever is left in the fridge.  Of course, it has to be defrosted and cooked and I don’t have time for that during the day;   DH has been brilliant but he just BBQs everything – but I have to prep everything first.  So if I don’t get around to prepping, it’s microwave time.

So I pulled out my WW cookbook to look for inspiration and now I just have to plan a menu and go shopping for the ingredients and ……omigod, I gotta lay down.


One thought on “Hungry

  1. I totally know what you’re talking about! I following the core plan (or simply filling) for a few months and it worked great for weight loss. BUT it’s such a pain to prep and cook. Besides, pasta and chocolate almost always sounds better than lentils with chicken. 🙂 Hang in there, making little changes is still positive. At least you cracked open the book!

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