DH is going to NYC on business next month….and guess who’s invited to a PRIVATE CONCERT by Janet Jackson.  Not me. I repeat, not me.   Don’t tell me you didn’t listen to that CD ( – yes, I said it, – CD!!!! – not download).  I know you did.  I listened to the “Janet” CD during my headshot photography session with one of the hottest photographers of the day and felt yummy and sexy and had a beautiful set of abs. I put some of her music on my first demo reel and whenever I hear one of those songs, it brings me back to a time where I was so freaking HOT and truly did not know it.  Inside I was this sexy kitten just itching to get out and of course, I had no freaking idea of how to do it.  I just yearned.  And now when I look book and see those pictures and all those jerks I wasted the “pretty” on, I could kick myself.

Of course, I was jumping up and down demanding to go but apparently your precious name has to be on the precious list of so-called important people of stupid companies and I swear to god if I find out wives came along, I’m gonna kill somebody!!!!!! I can’t really drag the kidlet thousands of miles away and dump him on a friend in the hopes of maybe getting in, can I?  Boo f***ing  hoo.

I’ve never been a huge concert goer; when I was younger, I couldn’t afford to go to all the ones I wanted to.  And now, there are very few artists that I even know more than one of their songs.  (As a side note, the only song I sang for years was , “Hey, I wanna have your baby, but I can’t, so screw the world”).  These days, artists have a hit or two than fade from sight. Or one decent song per CD.  So when I do go, I pay the big bucks for really great artists who can put on a show and enjoy singing along to all the songs.

Sigh, I know what it’s like travelling with a kidlet now, and it’s exhausting.  You can’t get very far because of nap times and all the stuff you haul around and of all the places I went to eat last year in NY, I don’t recall anyone hauling a stroller in.

It’s a good thing I went last year, so I guess I’ll have to settle for memories and dig out my ole Janet CD. You know what’s funny?  My kid, being so new to the world and all, has never heard of her, or her music, has no opinion on the matter of all.  He just likes songs that have the word “monkey” in it.

And you know where he’s going soon after that – Dubai!!!  I hear they have shopping there, how quaint.


One thought on “Grounded

  1. Aww, too bad!!

    When I first came to Toronto, I was ecstatic — Toronto got all the big name acts we never got in Winnipeg when I was a teenager. Would you believe, in 25 years, I’ve been to TWO concerts here — both of them Bruce Springsteen?? What I never took into consideration: (1) Toronto does get all the big concerts, but I still couldn’t afford to go to all of them, so you have to be selective, (2) concerts are so expensive here (especially now), you really have to think about how much you REALLY want to spend to see a particular act, (3) if I’m going to go, I want good seats — the nosebleed section doesn’t cut it for me any more. And good seats cost more $$. (4) The venues aren’t that much bigger than the arena or stadium in Winnipeg, but the drawing area is much, much bigger, so the concerts sell out much faster. SIGH…

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