Date night

Now that I posted about how hard done by I was, I forgot to mention date night.  Last night, I was treated to a spectacular dinner at a trendy seafood restaurant (they tell you which ship they got the seafood from) and Cirque du Soleil – Kazoo!  TADA!!!!!!  Date night rules.  This is about as glamorous as my new life is – out by 6, home by 11pm.  Hubby bought the tickets months ago when he heard they were coming and some friends gave us gift certificates for the restaurant.  My kind friend, Miss V, took up babysitting duties, so we could trip the light fantastic.

I have a feeling I used all of my extra allowable points (or more) on that one dinner.  Oh, yes, my friends, it was well worth it.  I was so excited to eat!  I apologize for not having any food porn pictures.  You can find nice pics here at their site.

Okay, first of all I partook in a delicious strawberry martini (fresh strawberry puree, vodka, cranberry Alize)- mmmmmmm, delish!  Then while I was enjoying my wonderful  King Prawn Cocktail( which came on a bed of frisee, 3 dips, and smoking ice), DH had a seafood chowder and a Caesar (which had a giant prawn in it instead of a celery stick).  I don’t really care for chowder, but of course, I had a spoonful and chowder tastes so much better with actual real seafood in it!

DH  ordered the St. Tropez mussels (double smoked bacon,shallots,  pernod cream and  with frites and the mango california roll sushi (real crab this time) and spicy ahi tuna maki roll. And of course, before I knew it, my drink was empty and it was time to order a lemon drop martini.   I had the sablefish with all those delicious baby vegetables in a citrus buerre  blanc sauce.  Of course, DH had been there already for a business lunch, so there was no need for me to actually share any of my sablefish with him.  So sad about that.  Of course, he was a gentleman and let me sample his dishes.  And I did, my lovelies,  I did.

Unfortunately, time was a wasting and we only had an hour before we had to leave, so no lovely lingering over the dessert menu, damn it.  Off to Kazoo and boy, was it so much fun!  If you ever get a chance to see a Cirque du Soleil show, you just must go! Magical, breathtaking, amazing acrobatics and contortionists, clowns all put together with amazing live music  – it was the perfect escape!


7 thoughts on “Date night

  1. Ooooh, sounds delightful! The food sounds amazing…I’m so jealous. You just can’t get that quality of seafood here.

    Cirque du Soleil was just here recently but we were out of town. Wished I’d been able to see them. Next time, next time…

  2. Wanna trade husbands?

    Mine’s idea of a date night is eating something greasy then heading home and HIM playing mahjong on the computer. If he is feeling particularly frisky, we head to the bedroom and watch reruns on the DVR of “The First 48”.

    Can you smell the romance?

      • That’s the one. We are friends with one of the detectives that is featured on the show, so we watch them over, and over and over and………

  3. Oh my gosh that food sounds absolutely amazing!! I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show… some day 🙂 So glad you had a wonderful night out!

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