Still not skinny

This whole weight loss thing is NOT going well.  I’ve got a weigh in tonight and I’m pretty darn sure I’m not going to see a loss.  I am not doing enough on my part.  I start off each week well, with walking and jogging and tracking my points on the electronic diary.  Then by about Thursday, I don’t get around to it and then it’s another day and then it’s the weekend.  My routine changes on the weekend and we’re often running around trying to get this or that done and that means takeout (and yes, I’m sticking to stinking salads).  I did manage to go jogging with a friend on Saturday through the endowment lands with the dog.  I don’t think jogging at my slow pace is going to help.  Sigh.  While the Precious sleeps, I surf around the net looking at workout schedules but there’s no childminding at my nearby gym.  There is one at another location that I will have to drive to however.

My success last time  was because of my consistent visits to spin class. Remember how I would get up in the dark, make a coffee and show up at 6:30am for class?  Half the time I could barely be on time for classes and now that I have a kid, who can’t read what time it is, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I’m going to have to prepare the night before.  Anyway, I’m going to give it a shot this week and we’ll see what happens.

Saturday night, DH went out for a rare night with some old colleagues.  I prepared for a lovely night in with a glass of wine and a movie.  I had a friend call me from Ontario but Mr. McCranky was having a mini meltdown before bedtime so I had to cut the conversation short. Later, after he had finally fell asleep,  I had a lovely surprise – two friends dropped by after a visit to a nearby restaurant.    One is a black female theatre director and editor and the other (the one I’ve known longer; I directed her in a play) is a Chinese actress and playwright.  These two women are around my age and do NOT have children.  I was a little embarrassed to describe the highlight of my weekend was buying a new car seat.  I’d like to work with both of them one day on a project when I have the time.  I broke out the dessert wine and we all proceeded to have great conversations about elder care, health care and race relations.  I know it sounds awful, but it was really great. I used big words.  I did stay up quite late (hubby came home even later) so it was a bit brutal getting up less than 6 hours later.  I dragged my tired  butt around the next day but it was worth it.


7 thoughts on “Still not skinny

  1. Your WW week sounds like mine — starts out good & by Wednesday/Thursday it’s all downhill. *sigh* Glad you had a good visit with friends — it can be a real tonic!

  2. Yeah, using those big words can be as fulfilling and enjoyable as a real night out. For me, I think I miss those conversations more than evenings out.

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