Easy does it

As you can tell, I’ve been a little stressed out by my environment…. and the people in it.  Too much coffee?  Too many hormones?  Too much reaction vs. clarity and wisdom? Yep, sounds good to me.   I talked to an old friend last night and she just reminded me that BOTH parents can have a hard time adjusting to their new lives as parents.  I KNOW that, of course, but apparently I have to KNOW it BETTER. I multitask like crazy and never seem to get anything done.  Okay, stop. Breathe.  Repeat.   I will try very hard to give DH his time to do whatever he wants cause I’m not his mother and I don’t care to step into that role cause I’m a little busy being someone else’s mother.  (Oddly, both DH and the Precious can achieve the same volume level when they don’t get what they want. Yes, it’s highly irritating.)

I did after all, get my Saturday in relative peace and quiet, but I have to admit, it feels a little like furlough, when you run out and try and do things even when you don’t really have any where in particular to go.  I shopped, bought a purple shawl/sweater with thumb holes, that cheered me up quite a bit. I’m back to the point where it’s hard to find things to fit, so I feel better browsing discount houseware stores. Nothing like a lovely duvet cover to pick up your spirits.

DH left (and even from the airport he was IMing me and calling me)  and he left a lovely note on the highchair for us the next morning.  My wonderful MIL came to stay with us for a couple of days so that was nice.  I kept extremely busy trying to make invites (long, frustrating, can’t believe it took hours) for a Buddhist women’s meeting and she kept the kid occupied. Just sitting in the office trying to get the damn things to print out properly reminded me of all the little, piddly piles of paper I haven’t gotten around to filing, cleaning, and sorting through.  We managed to make it out the next day for a lunch and a trip to Old Navy to get a Hallowe’en costume for the Precious.  It’s so cute!  A tiger!  He looks so good in orange!  Yep, check!  One of the things I’ve always wanted to do with a child. So I guess we’ll go trick or treating!

I don’t talk much about the kid’s development, but he’s growing like a weed!  He’s crawling, gabbing away, he loves to stand and walk around holding on to my fingers and so he requires a lot more attention.  He yells and whines a lot for attention and so I’m learning to interpret exactly what he wants.  He can also stand in his crib and scream for me when he’s not quite ready for bed or wants more milk.  Lovely.  I’ve also tried teaching him some sign language – to no avail.  Any tips?

My lovely chiro fixed up my back once again with some intense massage and acupressure and I’m feeling much less like an 80 year old.  I’m going to get my hair done this weekend, so now I’m getting these old braids out for now.  I have to remind myself that the tortoise won the race.


2 thoughts on “Easy does it

  1. For sign language, get a few signs that you want to teach him, and learn them really well yourself. Then, just use them. All the time.

    Babies pick up things so quickly, so don’t worry about using to many different signs. More, milk, food, light, ball, and any sign for a pet you have are perfect starters.

    Baby signers are just adorable anyway! 🙂

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