Archive | September 23, 2010


Between my aching back, auditions,  the active Precious, hubby’s travel schedule and counting points, I managed to miss signing up for September ICLW. I haven’t had a lot of time to read blogs lately, though I always try to keep up even if I don’t comment.  But Geochick was kind enough to tag me with these questions, so this will be fun for me.

1.  Do you still live where you were born/grew up?  Why?
No, I do not. I was born in England, raised in Toronto(in a suburb that I hated) and now I live in Vancouver.  Why is a long story.  I’ll try to be brief.  I did a lot of acting in bit parts in Toronto,  went to the gym, temped in more offices than anyone should, and got bored with my life.  I couldn’t meet a decent guy  in Toronto,  so I chucked it all and decided to go out west for a bit.  I wet my feet in the ocean all by myself on my 32nd birthday, drank and partied my ass off, modelled nude for a highly prestigious art school precisely once, worked in both film, TV and joe jobs, learned to drink a lot of coffee, and met my hubby just after I decided to go back.

2.  What’s your favorite holiday and what makes it so special?

Odd, but I’d have to say Canada Day.  There’s always free cake to be had somewhere and sometimes there’s even fireworks and people seem so happy and united.

3.  Do people IRL know about/read your blog or do you keep it relatively private?

Yeah, there’s a couple of my real life friends who read it.  I don’t tell people about it though unless they’re super interested.  Not that many of my friends are SUPER interested in infertility or raising a child through adoption though.

4. What’s your favorite color?

I really don’t have a favourite colour, but I’m partial to orange, cranberry, chartreuse, sage green, steel blue and purple.
5. We’re all pretty open here in the interwebs but how open are your IRL about fertility struggles?  What influences your openness or lack thereof?

I’m pretty open about it.  I became more open about it when I stopped trying to conceive.  Bodhisattva of Infertility, that’s me. If someone wants to know the gory details, I’ll tell them, but only if they ask.  I don’t want to be a cautionary tale.   Just last week I went to a party and found myself in conversation with two mothers.  I don’t remember how infertility came up, I think one woman said her friends were having trouble and so I chimed in.  Needless to say that conversation got dropped after a minute or two.  It always does. Thank goodness for wine.  That’s why I wait to be asked by the super interested ie. infertile or waiting to adopt.

There was a certain group of acting buddies who knew because I’d fall apart in class doing acting exercises.  Honestly, there was a dark period in my life in which grief and loss just moved in and stayed a while.  I cried a lot in class.  I lost a lot and I’m not just talking babies.  And they just held that space sacred for me. My blog held my inner thoughts and all the things I just couldn’t say out loud.  Most people never would have understood what I was talking about unless they’d been there.