Not my turn

Ah, it’s a boring saga but it’s mine.  I have something slightly less boring for you later…..

I had DH wake up the Precious at about 5:45 and asked him to change him into a cotton sleeper, then feed him dinner and then put him back to bed…. and one hour later, he went right back to sleep with no playtime.  And then he woke up at 4:10am.  However, it’s DH turn to get up now that it’s the weekend.  He gave him a big bottle of milk and had him back to sleep in 15 min.  And of course back up this morning around 7:30am.

So from what I’ve been reading, this is a fairly typical thing in his age range and there is no one thing that will magically fix it.  So we will try the early to bed thing again tonight.  Now he had a big dinner right before going to bed – meaning he eats about a jar and a half of baby food, then pureed fruit.   Then he gets a six ounce bottle.  I don’t think I can get him to eat any more food than he already does.  He lets me know when he’s had enough (he’s got the arm block down to a science).  He gets solids 3 – 5  times a day and milk (4 bottles throughout the day).  If we’re out and about, he gets Mum Mum rice crackers til we get home.

So, I guess this is the part where I learn to roll with things.  However, all your suggestions are duly noted and I will probably try them alllllllllll!


5 thoughts on “Not my turn

  1. Hi lady,

    I’m still struggling with the sleep thing — I did find it useful to read the Weisbluth book (Happy Baby..Sleep…Something) even though he does advocate crying which we don’t do — but he does talk about age appropriate sleep windows and napping and all of that. I was shocked to find that Z hits those windows to a T — I had been walking in the morning and she was fussy — and napping only once a day and variably — and then I realized maybe I should try preserving that morning nap time — so I kept her up and played right after we woke (she consistently wakes at 6:30) — and then she was ready to go down for a morning nap — and lo and behold — she was ready to go to sleep again at one — and as he predicted it was easier to get her to sleep on those days — and even meant she would go to sleep by 7pm rather than 7:30…

    I don’t know, I’ve also read that when they’re mastering these big developmental milestones — crawling, walking, etc. — that they have sleep regressions…I’ve also read that it doesn’t really matter how much they eat (??)

    I don’t know, I’m still working on this one. Weekends are a free for all because Daddy’s home and W’s around and then she’s usually off the nap schedule.

    I am just about tapped out — I can’t really blog about it but G and I are squabbling, not getting time together — he thinks he’s doign so much but I feel short-changed with baby duty all the time — and he told me I was ‘adopting the affect of one of those mommies who complains about how little their husband’s do”



    I hope it gets better for you sleepwise my friend,


    • DH takes the little one on Saturdays, so I wonder if you might want to set up some playdate with G, his little Z and even W. And like I say to my friends, daddy is not “babysitting”, he’s parenting! You need some downtime. Find an excuse, start crying, have a friend call you with a fake emergency, a sudden trip to Mexico or something. I have to LEAVE the house, otherwise, he’s likely to interrupt me at whatever I’m doing. And whatever I’m doing is not as important as what he has to do. Like take a poo. I tell them that’s what I have a Bumbo in the bathroom. If he can’t bear to be without me, then he gets a front row ticket. And then I don’t have to chime in with can you do this?or that? And he doesn’t have to say can you watch him while I….? I often feel like the dog’s needs are met before mine, so tonight we’re going out to a play, I found a sitter, bought the tickets and with any luck we won’t find something to bicker about.

  2. I guess if there was one simple answer there wouldn’t be a gazillion books and articles about this issue.

    There is always wine.
    (for mom)

  3. I established a STRICT bedtime routine for Theo and will not allow anything or anyone to alter it ever, which means we are chained to it. BUT after 6 weeks of HORRIBLE sleeping, we had to do something. It took about 2 weeks to work and it works so so well. I’ve written about it on my blog (a Theo update somewhere). Also we do the 5 am bottle and back to bed for another two hours. That seesm to be pretty normal.

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