A bit weary

When DH came home from work yesterday, I was hoping he’d take the Precious out with him and the dog.  Of course, the Precious was delighted to see him, as seeing daddy means flips on the bed, being thrown in the air and  fun time all around without attempts to clean his snotty nose, cut his nails or moisturize his face.  (Question: Why does he get a cold just as new teeth are coming in?  Does he even have a cold?)  But DH wanted to unwind and gave me the lame excuse that he couldn’t go to the dog park because somebody wants to get out of the stroller all the time. He wanted to unwind.  Really.  I have NO idea what that’s like.  Oh, wait a minute, yes, I do.  Like  yesterday when we went to the dog park and I take him out of the stroller while Juno played with the other dogs.

So, I was  a bit weary but I pack the dude up and went to see mum.  I found her sitting in the hallway on a bench.  It was after dinner and the residents were wandering the halls.  She was happy to see us.  She looked much better but she was not connecting.  I asked her to open her mouth, so I could see but she just nodded and then looked at the baby.  I asked her again and again with physical prompts, she would nod like she understood, but she didn’t.  Maybe she just didn’t want to do it but I don’t think that was it.  I talked with her nurse about her seeing an occupational and physical therapist and then I left with a promise to spend more time with her today.

By the time we got home, it was dark and I was not about to make dinner, so I picked up some takeout.  Hubby had prepared the kid’s dinner and was now  in the mood to take over.  Then I realized I had that tell tale tickle in my throat.  I’ve got a cold.  As my good friend says…Good times.  Shoot day is tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “A bit weary

  1. I only have one suggestion. If in fact you do have a cold, when DH is at work, make sure you sneeze on his pillow. Several times.

    (Oh….and every. single. time. my boys got teeth, they got snot filled and acted sick. The doctors told me every. single. time. that it was a coincidence. They are idiots. )

  2. Okay… I’m late with this but I was out of town at the big D-Land… along with MY cold. Ick.

    And I’m with OHN – MG had a runny nose every time she was teething. Of course, it took me a few teeth to figure out the pattern but whatever.

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