Well, my little walk on cameo was on Diary of Wimpy Kid 2.  Vomit Lady #1, that’s me.  I drove out to the middle of the burbs for 7pm, got called to set at 1:10am and was wrapped after 3 takes of screaming and was home by 2:10am.  What did I do for 6 hours in a tiny, stuffy trailer?  I read a big fat book, Stephen King’s Under the Dome and drank Neo Citran.  Not a bad gig, I’d say.  Feature film have good budgets, hence I had nice clothes that are not from Value Village and they treat you really well. Why can’t I have someone do my hair everyday?  The hairstylist took my sad old ponytail that I stick on my head everyday and made me look all slick and put together.  And why can’t someone follow me around with an umbrella to keep the rain off of me?  Why?????  Life is unfair, that’s why.

When I got home, I thought I heard the tiny wonder so after removing a ton of makeup and pulling out hairpins, I sat on the edge of the bed and waited.  Silence, so it was safe to go to sleep.  I didn’t even hear DH get up at 5am. I heard him playing the little guy in hopes that he would sleep in.   What can I say about a guy who gets up two nights in a row and brings home flowers? He’s awesome! I got up by 8  and made coffee and opened up the laptop, and the kid woke up.  Yeah, good try, honey.  I think he smells the coffee.  I’ll get up tonight even though it’s my sleep in day tomorrow.

I have an audition later today and I called in a fellow actress to babysit for me.  She makes quick cash and I can make a quick getaway.  We’re also going out tomorrow night and I have another babysitter coming in!  Oooh, look at me!   Getting all independent and everything.  It makes evenings out a bit expensive, but with this gig, and notetaking income coming in, I think it’s worth it for my peace of mind.

16 thoughts on “Superstar

  1. This is my first visit to your blog. Sounds fun to work on a set even if it is just for one day! Looking forward to reading more about your adoption adventures!!

  2. Vomit lady #1.

    I am so proud 🙂

    Most importantly……do you get to keep the clothes? I mean, maybe Vomit lady #2 shouldn’t get to, but you certainly should.

    (I think it is TERRIFIC that you are getting out and enjoying life a bit!! Seems like more auditions lately too. Things are on the upswing dear 🙂

    • Yes, I think they are. And I am handling things better too. No, I didn’t get to keep the clothes, but I’m glad. My number one beef about being a “plus” size is that wardrobe people always get me XL clothes,which actually don’t fit me, but obviously I can get into them, so that’s what I get stuck with. The only time I kept something was when I did K9 III, and they custom fitted a silk dress from Holt Renfrew’s for me. I bought it for $80. Only STARS get stuff given to them!

  3. How exciting! Vomit lady #1! I will certainly look for you. I will definitely see the movie just to see you. I am sure you are the highlight of the movie. 😉 When do we get to see more pictures of the Precious by the way?

  4. It was great to hear about your gig going smoothly, and I fully support parents getting a night out. I certainly plan to use babysitters.

  5. that is SO cool! i’ve always wanted to be in a movie, even as a teeny tiny extra. being vomit lady #1 is pretty darn awesome!

    thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thanks for the comment and stopping by my blog. And congrats on your big movie role! 🙂 When it comes out in theatres, I’ll have to look for vomit lady #1. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the comment about our cat. I am currently in an adoption wait for a fos/adopt child. I am also part of an interracial couple and i’m really hoping for an african american little girl even though it is not PC to have any preference.
    This week we are going to get a pair of kittens from the shelter – I NEED something to mother dammit!

  8. Wow, if you were Vomit Lady #1, that means there had to be a Vomit Lady #2 and you were ahead of her. Huge congrats.

    And, good for you for becoming more independent.

    ICLW #14

  9. So COOL. Hanging out in a trailer waiting for hair and makeup. You’re a real live movie star! I’m now adding K9 III to my netflix queue to see if I can pick you out. I remember from your old blog that you have gorgeous eyes – I think I’ll recognize them.

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