How things change

Monsoon weather has began and heralds the lack of sunshine we’re about to endure for about the next 5 months.  Well, I’m exaggerating of course (sort of) but I suppose it’s better than tornadoes.

The weekend was pretty busy.  DH was on daddy duty so I went for a lovely pedicure and spent a quiet afternoon studying for a Buddhist exam the next morning.  Then we went out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday.  It was our first time using an official babysitter, a lovely young university student.  Okay, I admit, I called her when I went to the bathroom. I couldn’t help myself.   He cried a little at bedtime, no doubt not used to having a stranger put him to bed at night.  Everything went well, but man, it’s expensive!  At $14 per hour plus what we spent on dinner, I can tell we’re not going to be doing that too often.  Then again, the point is that we should go out together at least once a month, right?  Have a little fun?  We were a very diverse group at 10 sitting at a round table in a Chinese restaurant.  And we were the only ones with a kid, so it was refreshing not talking about kid stuff all night.  People were going out dancing later, but it was rainy and cold out and all I wanted was to go home and snuggle in my flannels.

Morning came and I was out the door to do the exam.  Our organization had this exam in order for members to really deepen their study.  It was multiple choice and fill in the blank kind of stuff.  It was kinda fun actually. I saw two women who had I gone to Caledon with who have given so much love and encouragement and it was nice to see them.  I looked back to an old post when I actually attended this conference and it brought back the memory of being on the bus, listening to the other women talk about their children with such love.  One woman said her son was her heartbeat.  I thought for her sake nothing had better happen to him.  Now I know exactly how she felt.

Then back home to hubby who was exhausted and congested from a cold (welcome to my world, buddy) and took the Precious to a friend’s pumpkin carving party.

I had stopped going to these events because there were always the same people there with tons of kids asking the same old questions about my family status.  Yet there I was carving the kid’s first pumpkin while kids were running around.  I didn’t have that awkward out of place feeling I had always had.

Funny how some things change, eh?

10 thoughts on “How things change

  1. You paid HOW MUCH for a sitter? Holy Crap! I can assure you the rate in the burbs is a LOT less. Yikes. Mind you, I use 14 yr old kids so maybe they are cheaper???

    It is funny how things change. Suddenly the invites start coming in again to all the kid type events and you know what? It IS fun!! Sometimes the change is good.

  2. I was struck by the fact that this time YOU guys were the only ones WITH a kid among the group you went to dinner with. Love it. I love that you can say that.

  3. I know babysitting rates have changed from the 50 cents an hour I earned in 1975, but holy cr@p!! Still, it sounds like you got your money’s worth in enjoyment! : )

  4. Change, indeed! I must confess I haven’t visited your blog in many moons, but how beautiful to find you in such a lovely state of motherhood! I am so truly happy for you 🙂

  5. I can’t believe you paid that much for a sitter either! I don’t even think my sister pays her nanny that much an hour!! So nice to be on the other side isn’t it? I would love to feature your success story on my blog! Happy ICLW! (#72 & 106)

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