Celebrity rant

I never do this.  I really don’t care about the private lives of celebrities.  I’ve worked with a lot of them.  They’re just regular people.  Well, horribly insecure,self centred,  scary good-looking and thin regular people. I just have to get this off my chest.  Randy Quaid applying for refugee status after he and his wife were arrested on an outstanding warrant.  Seriously?  Does anyone just follow the regular rules anymore? If you really want to live in Canada,  you just have to fill out some paperwork and pay a fee (or get an expensive lawyer to do it for you) but since your wife’s dad is Canadian she could actually sponsor you.  Again, a nominal fee and a promise to be financially responsible for you for 10 years.  You could have done this last year and you would have picked up a West Vancouver property for a song.   Why now?  I mean, he’s probably made more money in one gig than I have made in my entire LIFE!  So if you don’t like where you are living or you are afraid for your life – you could hire security or spend your free time searching for the “star whackers” or perhaps publish your paranoid astute thoughts in Variety as a warning.  Or you could always MOVE somewhere else in your very large country.  Some celebrities prefer to live outside of L.A.  Like in another state on  a ranch surrounded by electric wire.  I hear Alaska is nice and you could take their lovely airline to LA whenever you want at a favourable price.

Perhaps he felt as persecuted as African-Americans did back in the day when they were being lynched for looking at a white woman the wrong way.  Betcha they wanted to come up here and claim refugee status but the Underground Railroad had been closed for some time.   Or perhaps the thousand of Jews in Nazi Germany who were turned away.  Good thing Canada has progressed as a nation in terms of immigration.  We may not be able to get rid of the war criminals or  drug dealers, who after all just want to be free to make a few bucks in peace just like anybody else, but we are more than willing to give shelter to a bona fide movie star.  In any case, there are lots of people you could stay with here (not us)  or perhaps there is a vacant condo you could live in.  A neighbour would even let you run a cable through their window so you can watch cable.  We are a hospitable people  if nothing else.

Listen, I’ve always liked his work and I’m sure he would be fun to work with. I’d even love to have dinner with him and his wife.  I’m sure they’re a lot of fun though I doubt they’d pick up the tab.    However, I find it annoying when people claim “refugee” status out of sheer convenience, particularly privileged people.  Their family is not being taken away in the middle of the night for their political beliefs, they’re not hiding under floorboards from machete wielding secret police, they’re not even trying to unionize a sweatshop or trying to advocate for the poor and voiceless.  They don’t  even look really hungry.  They just can’t/won’t pay their tax bill (just a theory).

I’ll see you on set, Randy, but don’t worry, I won’t sneak up behind you.

4 thoughts on “Celebrity rant

  1. That is so freakin ludicrous. I am distracted however by the fact that G and I might be able to pay a nominal fee and move to Canada… As you know I think Canada is the preferable place to live. This country here? crazytown.


    Just peeking out from the trenches from beneath the rubble of plastic toys etc to say hello.

    • When I say nominal I mean I know that to sponsor someone it’s about a grand for a self employed person or entrepreneur and $500 for a skilled worker. And then of course, whatever medical exam, police check, etc you need. So pack up your van and get over here!

  2. During all the publicity of his “status” in Canada, my biggest worry was his dog. Yep. I felt sorry for the pup. Sad if he gets put to sleep, sad if he gets returned to the nut-jobs. Think Juno needs a buddy? 😉

    (I am one of those that always wonders if some actors are picked for certain rolls because their real life somewhat resembles that character….and with that thinking …all I can think is “the shitters full”. )

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