Almost a year

WE finally went to a fancy smanshy photo studio to get our pictures done.  A friend had bought me a membership there.  It’s not as if we haven’t taken a billion photos ourselves, but not too many of them include all 3 of us.  Hubby decided he didn’t want to bring a change of clothes like I suggested STRONGLY that he should.  Of course, this ended up limiting what the Precious and I could wear.  I have no idea why he thought I didn’t know what I was talking about, he was being very resistant.  A little self conscious perhaps?  I’ve done a few photo shoots in my time and I knew the photographer would have preferred to have a choice with what we wore.   And sure enough, he wanted me to change the kid into his little black suit.  The Precious didn’t take to that AT ALL.  Enter screaming, squirming baby with every item changed.  And I discovered the hard way that the white top I brought (that he had never worn) had sleeve ends that only a premature baby’s hands could get through.  We had to keep drying his tears while the baby wrangler tried to make him laugh.   DH started to whine as well.  Lovely.  But we made it through.  That weekend apparently the Precious didn’t want to be separated from Daddy so  I didn’t get a lot of pictures taken with him.  Traitor.

Then I had to sit through dozens of photos and pick my favourites.  Luckily I’ve had lots of experience choosing good shots, but I ended up getting the most expensive package – don’t ask, you really don’t want to know.  I HAD TO USE MY CREDIT CARD.  Yep, that much.  You end up seeing your kid oh, so cute and oh so well lit, you end up spending WAY more than you intended.  One sheet of one pose was $40.  Why would I sit through an hour photo shoot, change my kid twice and have the scene change a few times if I only wanted one pose.  Right.  That’s how they get you.  And of course, I thought I should own the copyright to the pics, so that was extra. But I made them work for it, I pointed out that in one shot I had a stray hair (where oh where was my hair and makeup crew) and a few opened gaps in my shirt.  Crop that please.  Photoshop that out.   (I didn’t really want to wear that shirt, but it was the only white one I had and you know who only had one shirt and so I couldn’t change into the other outfit that was nicer).

I guess family members will be receiving lovely pics of us for Christmas.

Then off we went to my BFF’s baby girl’s first birthday party.  The Precious wasn’t too thrilled at that point, like a few others weren’t… a party in the middle of nap times isn’t the best idea.  Of course, if your kid still has two naps a day, there isn’t really a good time for a big gathering.  It was a lovely low key affair with decorations and catered goodies (yeah, you know I was right by the sandwich table with a glass of wine.)  The kid was still sticking with Daddy so I had time to mingle and chat.  Wow, another type of event I would avoid like the plague and here I was having a good time.  DH even told me later that he had a really great day.

Of course, my little guy’s 1st birthday is coming up.  And I’d like to have a little “thing” too.  Of course, DH just wants his parents and the “godfather”.  I have my family of friends and fellow Buddhist members. So that’s like 20 people.   More people than I thought have expressed their desire to attend a party for him, but I wasn’t really thinking of inviting a lot of people, because when you invite this person then I feel you HAVE to invite that person and they have kids and then it starts to look like an event.  We don’t have an amenities room here and though our place is large, older kids need room to run about (and not trash the joint.) That leaves a family restaurant or a community centre.  See what I mean?

Oh, man.  I’m not doing this every year.



5 thoughts on “Almost a year

  1. that’s one advantage of a late spring birthday — outside parties at playgrounds and parks and in backyards.

    would love to see the glam shots!

  2. The photo shoot reminds me of that hilarious Modern Family Episode where the mom insists everyone where white and byt the end of the shoot they are yelling at each other and throwing mud all over the plae. SO funny. We have the mid-summer birthday so we just stuck with family for that one. My main criteria for everything now is Will it be stressful? If the answer is yes, then I don’t do it 😉

    Happy Birthday. One is a very special milestone! *sniff*

  3. Well, bless you for planning a big party for the precious! I made a lasagne and carrot cake for my grandparents, aunt, cousin and her boyfriend, and it did me in for two days. I would have liked to have done a bit more, but as it was I had to schlep everything over the grandfolks’ place since my grandad is poorly these days and isn’t up to leaving the house…blah blah blah.

    Anyway, it makes me a bit teary to think of your little guy getting big. In my mind he is still the squishy little bundle I met in March! But they all grow so fast – are you feeling emotional about it? Last week before C’s birthday I had a total weepy day – a friend lent me a CD that had some old folk songs on it, and for some reason it just unlocked everything in my heart and I just danced around holding the lad and weeping into his hair. (And yes, I am *the* whitest person alive – Scottish folk ballads can make me cry.)

    Geez, I miss you. And I miss having time to comment on your blog. Erm, sorry for being so quiet. xoxo

  4. Follow these three rules and someday you will thank me.

    #1. Only “big” celebrations for birthday numbers 1, 13, 16, and 21. Your sanity can’t handle more parties than that. (on the other years we let the birthday kid pick dinner in or out, and cake was an option, but if their favorite was pudding or oreos….that’s what we had.

    #2 Set a limit, an exact number of gifts for birthdays and that Santa brings. We started a horrid pattern because we were so excited that first birthday/Christmas. I have been trying to get off that rollercoaster ever since.

    #3 Always have adult beverages in the fridge.

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