Thanksgiving for real

Today was my son’s birthday.  American Thanksgiving Day.   It snowed today.  I took the time in the morning to just stare at him.  He stared back and smiled.  My eyes filled with tears of gratitude.  Yes, I am most thankful for him today.  I wasn’t there to see him the day he came into the world.  We still went to singalong class and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.  He really seemed to know they were singing to him.  He looked at everyone and clapped his hands and squealed in glee.  We went to the park in the afternoon and I met up with  a friend and her dog.  We walked and talked while I pushed his stroller through the snow.  His breath fogged up his weather shield.  He fell asleep which meant that he would be awake by the time I got back home, eliminating a long nap and time on my own to do chores and whatnot.

He had fish bite for dinner with yam fries – I tried to shove in some baby food but he wasn’t having it. There’s a sheet under the highchair now as meal time is often quite messy. Hubby brought home wine for me, the one I drank when we first brought him home.  It’s called Faith.  And he had his first bit of cupcake with icing.  He loved it!  Just us three. We’ll have a big party on Saturday and hopefully, I’ll get all the preparations finished.

It was a long, exhausting day.  Not much got done.  I didn’t even have a shower.  I don’t care.  Today was my son’s first birthday.

So much more to say……but I’m too exhausted to write more.


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