The party

The Precious’ birthday party last Saturday was wonderful.  I have to admit, I enjoyed preparing for the event.  I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes the night before.  I prepared green goodie bags for the invited kids.  The next morning, I ran out for last minute stuff and picked up green and white helium balloons.  I ordered a sushi platter for the adults, crab and havarti cheese filled mushroom caps (lovingly prepared by a foodie friend), and other little things.

Of course, the little bugger slept in, didn’t have a morning nap and  2 hours into it, he started to dissolve into tears after everyone hurriedly sang Happy Birthday to him.  I tried to put a birthday hat  on him  and accidently snapped his face with the elastic so that didn’t quite help either.   Batteries failed in both the digital camera and camcorder (!), but we did get some pictures.  Hubby arrived just in the nick of time with my mum and put him down for a nap.

No matter, the party went on.  When he awoke refreshed from his nap, his grandparents were all over him.  He received some lovely presents.  And a shout out to Luna for the alligator pulltoy.  That was enjoyed (clatter, clatter, clatter….clatter, clatter, clatter) by a friend’s 2 year old.  That was not the noisiest toy though.  Oh, no, there was an electric guitar learning toy, a talking giant something or other, and the piece de resistance, a very loud, very annoying learning table with 50, count’em 50 songs.  All bilingual of course, so I can be annoyed in 2 official languages.  Thanks, grandma.  Thanks a lot.

Two of my Buddhist friends employed the wisdom of the Lotus Sutra and brought me wine.  Bless them.

For someone who never thought she’d be truly enjoying a kid’s birthday party, it was amazing.

I won’t be doing this next year.  Remind me if I forget.


3 thoughts on “The party

  1. Yay!!!

    It’s fun to go over-board on the first one. But having just lived through an at home party for a 4 yrs old, I PROMISE to remind you to never do it again as long as you return the favor.

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