Brokeback mummy

Well, this old bird is breaking down.  Couple weeks ago, I noticed a pain in my left hip (where I carry the Precious) and then two days later, after trying to pick up the doorstop which he had dropped into his toy basket, I had a lovely shooting pain and dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.  Luckily, his room is carpeted and padded and he just thought we were playing.  I think I saw stars.  As I sobbed quietly for a few moments while I caught my breath, he decided I was fine and proceeded to crawl around while I contemplated my next move.  15 minutes later, I managed to get to the phone, make a chiropractor appointment, put him in the stroller, get the dog and go for a walk.  It wasn’t fun.

3 chiropractor appointments later, I am not better.  Then DH got sick, very sick – an event in itself as he rarely gets sick – he stayed home and I tried to take care of everything.  He was better the 2nd day, and was better able to assist me with the chattering monkey known as our kid, but he wants me back in tip top shape and not going to the chiropractor  indefinitely. I’m pretty darn sure I’ve got some form of sciatica.  I continue to get shooting pains down my leg particularly when I sit or make sudden movements.  And since I type for hours or have to lift the kid up or have to drive or well…. move around, I’m kinda hooped.  And being 20 lbs overweight doesn’t help things of course.

Sigh.  I think it goes without saying that I quit going to Weight Watchers.  We went away and then I worked the next 2 Monday nights and then stress and misery sent me to the snack cupboard.  Not anyone’s fault but my own.  Tired, uncomfortable and completely unmotivated, I’ve managed to sabotage 16 weeks of counting points.  I’d lose a couple pounds, gain one back, lose a couple more, gain a couple more.  It was getting ridiculous.  I don’t have the time OR the energy at the moment.

I have always enjoyed feeling relatively healthy and at the moment, I feel quite fragile.  This is the girl who did bootcamp, spin classes, lifted furniture for crying out loud with nary a thought that I could NOT do it.  Right now the only thing I feel I can do is eat a DQ Blizzard.

The only good thing about all of this is the DH was sick and stayed home and actually saw all the things I do before he walks through the door.  He admitted how frustrated he was at work with some things, how he’s feeling a bit trapped and stretched thin.  Knowing that he has to just hang out and wait for a while.  And of course, we have to movie in a few months.  Seriously?  I wonder what that’s like.

So I’ve got some plans to make to get my butt back in shape.  Literally.


4 thoughts on “Brokeback mummy

  1. Owwww. I hope you’re feeling better soon. And I hear you on WW. They will probably be trying to start the lunchtime At Work group again after the New Year. I have mixed feelings about whether I should give it yet another try, if they do. It’s a great program, & I lost weight on it before, years ago. But it’s much harder to lose weight when you’re 50 than when you’re 30, & I’m not sure I have the motivation. I keep telling myself I’ll eat better & exercise more when I retire, but that’s still a good 5 years away at minimum. :p

    How about one DQ Blizzard, two spoons?? ; )

  2. Well, I am interested in hearing your plans, and news that you are feeling better. No doubt stress (hubby’s illness) and caring for Precious are all contributing to the situation. I am certain you will find the strength to conquer all that ales you.

    LS x

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your hip, hopefully you’ll get back into tip top shape before you know it. My partner and I are both going to try to conquer weight loss this upcoming year, lets hope we all have great luck with it.

    (ICLW #35)

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