Sleep. Walking.

Happy to report that I’m feeling a  million times better.  Not only did I have 3 – COUNT ‘EM – 3 nights of UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP, but I had a massage and a feel so much better now. It’s amazing what decent sleep can do for a woman!  I’m less bitchy (a little), less weepy, and less likely to mutter to myself.  The pain in still there intermittently but  with good posture, Advil, and heat I can keep it at bay.

Also happy to report that the wee beastie is taking his first independent steps!  That day I had an audition, couldn’t get a sitter, and hubby stayed home because he was sick.  Lucky, I guess.  So while both of them napped, I snuck out and did my thing, came back and encouraged the Precious to lean on the wall and make his way to me.  Then two minutes later, he walked into the kitchen to his dad.  I burst out crying as hubby fiddled with his camera phone and caught the moment.

Perhaps this is why the little bugger is tuckered at the end of the day.  And speaking of independence, my little guy wants it.  I can’t even brush his teeth anymore.  He pushes my hand away, says “Meh!” and does it himself.  I can barely get him in the stroller without him attempting ju-jitsu on me.   And yes, I even tried explaining to him that we need to take Juju out for a walk.  He cares not one whit.  And when I finally get the last buckle, he’s all smiles.  I can see we’re going to have battles, him and I.  Mmmmm.

Of course, he’s learned to lean in to mummy’s shoulder, snuggle and coo and suck her in.  I’m doomed.



12 thoughts on “Sleep. Walking.

  1. Yep are screwed. 🙂 He will wiggle is adorable way into your heart to the point that even when you should be telling him “no”, you will be smiling at him.

    I had three very independent boys. It was exhausting then, but now I love that they can be independent and don’t have to have the approval of their peers.

    If nothing….remember these words…you WILL survive these next few months 😉 I didn’t mind the two’s or three’s (well, maybe the three’s a little cause they all had very strong vocal opinions by then) but the months from 9-18–walking, exploring, bolting away when you call them, shit, I thought I would crumble. But, I am living proof that you can survive! 🙂

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. How exciting that he’s taken his first steps! I’m sure it was a very bittersweet moment as you watch him move closer to independence. Hope you had an amazing Christmas and a great 2011! Lots of love from ICLW #110!

  3. I totally identify with what you have been through with your shooting pain and not much sleep. Thank Gd for the chiropractor who pointed out that I was sitting in a bad position at my computer and favouring my bad knee, so throwing my hip out. I’m glad to hear that you are now sleeping better; you need it to recoup from all the energy you put out every day taking care of your baby, who sounds like an adorable handful.

    Lisa (ICLW 74 Your Great Life)

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