Still looking for my future home

Okay, I put up a little piece of paper by my Gohonzon describing my perfect house.  I forgot to put in 2 washrooms.  Guess what – found a perfect little house – with only one washroom.  It happens to be around the corner of where we used to live years ago.  Once my mother picked a blossom off it’s hydrangea tree that’s in the front yard.   There was a family living there and when I saw the mum and her child I would wave and say hello as Sampson and I walked by.  It even has a white picket fence.  The landlord called me back when I left a message inquiring about it.  We had a delightful 20 minute conversation about its history and found that we had a few things in common.  He loves families and pets.  It was a bit more money and it had an unfinished basement (why, oh, why is it unfinished????? oh, that’s right, cause if the landlord did something with it it would be even more money).

Then of course, a friend forwarded me another listing – under budget, 2 bedrooms. and a den – sounds perfect – except it’s in a condo.  Yes, it has 2 washrooms.  See?

Not funny, universe, not funny.


6 thoughts on “Still looking for my future home

  1. However, an unfinished basement gives you a TON of future possibilities! Think playroom or media room or whatever you want it to be – including a second bathroom!

    Just sayin…

  2. I was going to suggest adding a washroom…..didn’t know you weren’t buying 🙂

    There are certain things I require in life, and an extra bathroom is one of those things. Hold out until it feels right.

    • I swear to g, this stupid bathroom issue is crazy…. I think I’m looking for the perfect house instead of what is on the market at the moment. Either I get a condo with two bathrooms or I get a house with one…….

  3. Ah, I too thought you were looking to buy. And wishing you luck — I think Vancouver’s housing market is even nuttier than Toronto’s. We saw a feature on the news this weekend — a house that sold for $300,000+ over its asking price (which was over $1 million). And the place was a DUMP!! It was basically a teardown. :p

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