wishy washy me

I got a two week pass for a yoga studio that had spinning late at night, followed by a little yoga.  I’ve gone twice.  However, that is two more times than I went last  month, so there.  I went once with my teeny tiny girlfriend that I can fit into one of my pant legs.  She says she’s fat, which means really that she never lost the last 10 lbs of baby weight and can’t fit into her size 2’s anymore.  I love her to bits really and I love her energy.  She laughs at my jokes and encourages me whenever I get too negative. I wish we could get together more often, but ah, the lives of two very busy women!

Now I just have to turn it into a habit.  And lose the habit of snacking on candy.  I do that when I’m bored.  I’m bored  means I need a little excitement in my life and chocolate is about as exciting as it gets around here.   I’ve noticed that hubby has taken to eating candy/chocolate and falling asleep on the couch.   His means of stress relief I guess.   Yet, it’s a new year and I really want to do better than last year. I’m feeling inspired because I’m not in any pain anymore.  That helps a lot.  I want to be able to carry my son on my back and go for a hike.

Speaking of hikes, …. yeah, there’s no connection here at all…. still haven’t found a place.  Still looking, and I am being taunted with places in the neighbourhood I’m dying to move back into and of course,they are all one bathroom homes – and then there’s all sorts of wonderful places in neighbourhoods I can’t stand or I’m not sure I can get a pizza delivered to – two bathrooms homes.  There is a particular thing that is driving me a little batty – a lot of places in so called desirable neighbourhoods do not post any pics of the place  – so I have no idea of whether it’s a waste or time or not to go and see it.  Yeah, I’m fussy.  Hubby is of course, laying the whole thing on me and my two bathroom obsession.  I’m wavering.  The clock is ticking.


8 thoughts on “wishy washy me

  1. I hate hate hate looking for places… I suppose you’ve tried craigslist? We always have had really good luck there before — and maybe you can give up a bathroom for that one place that tugs at your heart?

    And I am inspired by you to go to my first ever spinning class — not that I’ve gone, mind you — but I am THINKING about going…


  2. If it makes you feel any better, I was eating a chocolate bar as I was reading this. :p ; ) One of those Dairy Milk Thins, but still…! I should just go for lunch already…

  3. Looking for a place to live can be such a pain. I hope the perfect place with 2 bathrooms pops up soon!

    Candy hearts are out on our secretary’s desk…ack!

  4. I have been thinking about the one bathroom issue, so here is what you do. For hubbys birthday you get him a membership at a gym. They have showers there. Get my drift? Yep, he could get into great shape AND take care of his grooming, all while out of the house.
    You’re welcome 🙂

    • You are scary good. We actually have a gym membership – now the trick is to get him to use it!!!!! Maybe I should find a place next to a swank workout studio or something…mmmmm.

  5. I agree with OHN; when we purchased our home at the height of the US housing bubble we had looked at several in states of disrepair or in neighborhoods of disrepair when we found our cute little not too old with a decent lot in a good establish neighborhood, and my husband pushed me to suck it up for the one bathroom. I cannot think of a situation that would induce me to settle for one bathroom again. Good luck!

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