Location, location

Just so you know, we looked at 2 houses this week.  One is a definite possibility but it’s a bit of transit commute for DH, but the neighbourhood is really nice.  The house is older, the kitchen is not great, but it has 3 bedrooms, an office, a backyard, a deck, the heat is ELECTRIC  (READ DAMN EXPENSIVE) and TWO BATHROOMS. There’s great shopping nearby, places to walk the dog (though I didn’t see a dog park but the endowment lands is only minutes away by car) and most importantly, I can get a damn coffee.

We met with the landlord of House #2 (the cute one with the white picket fence).  He was quite the character, a very chatty intellectual type who had very fond memories of the fruit trees he planted out back.  It’s an old Arts and Crafts heritage home smack dab in the neighbourhood I used to live in.  So I finally got a good look around and… it’s not going to work for us.  Since only the first floor is livable, it’s gonna be too tight for us.  Plus it’s more expensive than the first one.   There was a small room that could serve as a nursery, but it’s at the other end of the walk in (thru) closet (and it’s not really a walk in closet anyway).  It was very cool, I have so say though.

I’m a little disappointed at the amount of money some of these places cost and how much work the tenants end up having to do to make it their own.  What do landlords have against decent light fixtures?  You can get some really nice ones on sale at Canadian Tire.

I feel like I’m on that show, Location, Location –  now I just need property #3 to view.  Ohmigod, choosing a new place sucks.


3 thoughts on “Location, location

  1. yeah, location location.
    it’s tough needing to compromise on something so important, but that’s what inevitably happens. also sucks being at the mercy of others.

    we’re still waiting to see if we’re going to get the place we’ve been eyeing — love the neighborhood but it’s a bit small and sort of funky with issues. the other choice is a house that has space and all want inside but not in the right ‘hood. what can you do?

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