Too picky?

We did see location #3 – an immaculate chartreuse number with a matching chartreuse picket fence in a lovely neighbourhood.  It wasn’t near much but the endowment lands were right across the street.  I was already envisioning long walks with the kid in the Bob and Juno off her leash.  Then we stepped inside to meet a lovely Southeast Asian couple (I mention this for  a reason) who had painted the entire house (and I do mean every wall) a lemon sherbet colour.  Upstairs and down.  Even inside the closets.  Not cornflower yellow.  Not pale yellow.  More like the colour of the lemon Vim bottle.  It was stunning in it’s yellowness.  I’m not sure if she just loved the colour or it had some sort of spiritual or cultural significance to it.  Most of the floors were done in a …wait for it…. striped laminate (like a Bengal tiger).  Inside one closet was a little altar for the god Ganesh which I thought was lovely actually.  It made me smile.  Unlike the shiny dark gray laminate floor in the living room.  On the upside, there was a large finished basement complete with a new kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.  Upstairs there were new appliances in the kitchen but the two bedrooms were quite small with tiny closets.  Out back, an immaculate garden with a huge two car garage.  That was chartreuse as well.  Everything was immaculate.  Did I mention it was yellow?  I’m not sure what that colour would have done with my son’s mood in about 24 hours though I’m not sure he needs to be more stimulated than he already is. However, we decided it was too expensive for us and there was no way in hell hubby would have contemplated painting it a more neutral colour.  The wife seemed so proud of her colour scheme, I’m not sure she would have appreciated us changing the colour anyway.

Moving on…… we’re still looking, but I emailed the landlord from the first house we saw.  They were going out of town so I thought we might have some time before we made a commitment.  30 days to be precise.


5 thoughts on “Too picky?

  1. I just had to comment that we live in So CA and have been looking to buy a new house for 1 year and 2 months (I had a change in my employment status and we had to re-tool what we were looking for). At any rate, I have toured over 150 homes between open houses and appointments and we.are.still.looking.
    It makes me feel like a whack job or window shopper but it is par for the course out here where home prices are still sky high and there is no accounting for taste.

  2. Wow. That is a lot of yellow. I wonder if it seeing that color everyday made her happy? I think it would give me a headache day in, day out. Good luck with your search!

  3. To each their own, I guess, and I know they say, “You can always paint,” but man, that’s a LOT of yellow paint to cover up!!

    Reminds me of a house we saw when we were looking. Not a bad house, slightly older, brand new carpet throughout the house. BUT. The carpet was a bright shade of MAGENTA. The thrifty Prairie girl in me just couldn’t imagine tearing up a brand new carpet — but I didn’t think I could live with magenta either.

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