Take you shoes off in my house

I got more specific with what I was chanting for.  I made a list of everything I wanted and put it on my altar. We’re looking at the EXACT house I want this weekend.   I called the agent right away but couldn’t get in any sooner.  Great neighbourhood, 2 bathrooms, a deck, a yard, However, there is one problem – there’s so much interest that they are having an OPEN HOUSE on Sunday.  An OPEN FRIGGIN’ HOUSE!  On my house. DH smells a bidding war.  On a rental.  That’s how rare a house comes up on the west side at that price point.   I hope those people all stay home and watch the Superbowl.  ‘Cause IT’S MINE, PEOPLE!


4 thoughts on “Take you shoes off in my house

  1. Okay, here’s what you do. You go next door, slip the owners 20 bucks to duck out for lunch, you act like you live there, and every time you see a prospective renter, run around the yard and give your best performance of a psychopath. 🙂

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