I have no idea

I am waiting.  Waiting, that is, to hear if we got the house we want to rent.  We have been reference checked and my friend (who is our present landlord) actually called them from Europe to lie about how wonderful we are and how everybody loves us and how well we take care of the place.  We are dealing with property management and they have sent our application to the owner (wherever she is) and we are in limbo.  It’s amazing. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.  I’m not a patient waiter, but apparently the universe finds it amusing.

We went to the open house (first ones there with applications already filled out) and toured the tenanted house.  First of all, it smelled like smoke which it’s not supposed to but if I smoked, and was paying that kind of money for rent, I’d probably smoke inside too.  Anyways, maybe it wasn’t even the owner and if it was, smokers don’t always realize that non smokers can actually SMELL and what they think is a slight smell is actually very noticeable.  Surprise, there was NO CLOSET in the 2nd bedroom. Mmmm. Okay, could always get a wardrobe from Ikea or Craigslist or something.  A TINY one in the master bedroom.  Yet, on the plus side, you could actually get in a king size bed WITH BEDSIDE TABLES.  The dining room and living room (with fireplace)  were a decent size.  Ordinarily I’d love a fireplace, but with a toddler, I’ll probably never use it.  The kitchen was fine but you can’t put a table in there.  There is a dishwasher, hallelujah.  The bathroom consisted of a shower stall, toilet, a pedestal sink and 3 count’em 3 shelves.  That’s it.  In a picture that’s fine, in reality, WHERE THE HELL DO I PUT MY STUFF????  You know, facial creams, tips, soap dispensers, hairbrush, box of over the counter pharmaceuticals, tampons, toilet paper…… the basement was not carpeted and the cork tile has to be taken out, but there is a full bathroom downstairs.  With a vanity and cupboards.  What a concept.  The “laundry room” is a basic washer and dryer behind the stairs.  That’s not a laundry room people.  The door to the outside doesn’t open. At all.   That has to be fixed.  The back yard has a deck.  Lovely.  A nice backyard with a shed.  It’s fenced! I can already see the Precious and Juno hanging out there getting all dirty.

So, all in all, it wasn’t EXACTLY as pictured (tenant’s furniture notwithstanding) but it has everything we need.  Did I mention it was $10 under our budget limit?  It’s not really near shopping, but it is 100 metres from the endowment lands, so no tempting fast food but lots of trails to walk.  Shopping is about a 5 – 10 minute drive away.  But there is a convenience store nearby. The neighbourhood is really nice and  it’s on a quiet street. Hubby just carried Precious around while I asked a few questions like the type of heating and if there was water damage (cause I noticed the floor in the basement).  I’ve noticed his distinct lack of interest in detail about rental properties.  Van down by the river type of guy.  I have pretty high expectations, since I am now used to living in a totally cool place with a walk in closet.  He is aware that to get a house on the west side under a certain price point is well, a crap shoot.  They tend to be a little on the worn side and the houses are old, small and cramped.  Now, of course, if you happen to buy one of those million dollar little huts in the saintly west side, and plan on living in it, you will extend it, renovate it and put in all the sparkly things – like closets and an actual laundry room complete with a place to put the detergent and dryer sheets.  I am however prepared to put my dreams of a pleasant laundry room and a walk in closet (omigod, I am the oldest BUPPIE* ever!) on hold for a little while longer.

This musing is all theoretical anyway.  Since I am still waiting to find out if we got it or not.  I did call the property management company and she thinks we will, but it’s not official.  Last night DH whispers, “Where are you going to put your Gohonzon?”  OMG, I don’t know!  I didn’t check!  Until then I actually can’t sleep cause I’m freaking out that DH is away for about 14 days out the next 3 weeks.  Yup. Did I mention I have a toddler?


* black urban professional



7 thoughts on “I have no idea

  1. the waiting sucks.

    we waited 3 months to hear if our offer had been accepted on this new place, and another month (that’s 4!) to hear if we could really get it.

    and it’s not perfect — tiny bedrooms, no coat closet OR linen closet (WTH am I thinking? — furniture will have to do), and a not-yet yard that needs a TON of imagination (check) and some big money (um, nope, guess it will have to wait…) oh and a small kitchen. but it’s cute and sunny and in good condition and close to a very walkable town with good schools. so there it is.

    good luck! moving with a toddler sucks, apparently. yay us!

  2. Good luck!! — I guess no place is perfect. ; ) Is there space in the bathroom where you could put some shelving for your stuff — or maybe one of those little carts with the plastic drawers? We don’t have a lot of storage space in our bathroom either, but we do have a medicine chest & a small vanity — I have my stuff piled up inside various Rubbermaid boxes in there. The rest is crammed with the sheets & towels into the linen closet just outside the door. :p

    My sister & her boyfriend are both smokers & both smoke in their house. It is SATURATED. I sometimes wonder how they think they will ever sell their house, unless it’s to some other smokers. One time dh & I had to take a cab from the airport to her house — she was still at work but had left the key hidden for us. We put our suitcases in the vestibule, & then sat outside on the front steps until she got home — we couldn’t stand to be in there. If she ever gives me clothes as a present, I always have to wash it before wearing because of the smoke smell. :p

    • Ugh! I’d stay in a hotel if it were that bad. I literally can’t sleep when it’s saturated like that. I went to visit the BIL once and I had to keep going to a cracked open window (in minus 20 degree weather) for fresh air. Couldn’t wait to leave.

      • Fortunately, we weren’t actually staying with her — I don’t think I could, for that reason! When she got home, we drove out together to our grandparents, where our parents were already.

  3. I have a recommendation with the smoke — we moved into a 50s rambler that had original owners until the guy who flipped it (and did shoddy workmanship and found the suckers to buy it from him — us!!) — and weird places still harbor smoke -like closets — arm&hammer has this paint that absorbs smells –weird but seems to work — and the bathroom in the basement is key- even though our basement bathroom is nasty — old 70s plastic wall inserts and vanity…but just having it has made a place for me to go to retreat to…in my dreams its remodeled…hah!

    It sounds really lovely — I would love something close to trails — I can’t wait to hear the good news — I’ll be checking in…

    as an aside I somehow found the google earth listing of Oprah’s house in Vancouver — I didn’t even know she had one. Holy cow. I want to live with her. She wouldn’t mind if we all moved in would she?




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