Archive | February 10, 2011

Guess who’s moving?

So I was chanting this morning after feeding the cranky Boo some breakfast – phone rang – we got the house!   Eeeks!  And hurray!  And eeks again!  Then a flurry of texting – and DH asks me if I’m happy.  I think it’s sweet that he asks but really that’s always a loaded question for me.  I’m not nearly as contented until I am past the big change and can relax. Like going on a trip – until the plane arrives safely, my luggage arrives, and I can  determine the sheets in the hotel bed are not nasty and I breathe vacation air, I’m not relaxed and happy.  This is no different.

But yeah, I’m pretty excited! My ultimate goal is not to find a home that I don’t have to get up and move.  I can make it my own, pull up my rocking chair and shotgun and tell interlopers to GET OFFA MY LAND!  Until then, I AM looking forward to a fresh start!

Good sign?

Just happened to read this article on moving.  I scanned it and get to the end:

You don’t have to be Buddhist to know life is change. Watching children grow will teach you this but, for the childless like me, moving is the next best illustration. It reinforces how fleeting the most perfect situations are. So far, the moves I’ve made have resulted — at least in retrospect — in new opportunities. Moving is like a New Year’s resolution: One more chance to benefit from experience and aspire to a more perfect life.

Weird, huh?  The author is male by the way.  Maybe this is a good sign.