Boxes and Dust – part 1

The good news is that DH is  not flying off to some exotic locale next week, so he’s going to be around for the packing. He’s been spending his free time hauling boxes in and packing up the office.  Thank goodness!  Just thinking about packing and sorting with a toddler on the loose was giving me a headache. He was pretty tired when he got home from the road, poor guy.  I guess he’s not getting any younger either. He was dismayed to learn that he needs reading glasses.  Hah!  So finally the shoe is on the other foot.  Oh, how he used to tease me about my reading glasses and my back pains.  Now he gets up from the couch and scotches ( moves gingerly) a bit on his way to the fridge.  Just six months ago, he was swearing he was going to train for a triathlon.  Well, I suppose he’ll get around to it when he stops stuffing his face with chocolate.

He’s pretty excited about our move and that’s great to see.  It wasn’t too long ago when he swore up and down that he’d never buy a house,  he doesn’t want to take care of a house, and that I wanted too much, blah, blah, blah.  Looks like the arrival of a child changed his mind about a lot of things.  He wants to provide for his family and that has given him the motivation to succeed and prosper.  He’s been awesome about taking the Precious on the weekend, so I can get a few hours to just go out and browse the sales racks in peace.  Oddly, this is something I used to do for AN ENTIRE DAY and think nothing of it and now it’s a guilty pleasure.  Mostly, I end up with things for the kid and not for myself.   I used to covet sexy shoes and purses, now I keep my eye out for educational toys and stylish clothes for the Precious.  I’ve become a parent.

Don’t worry, the charm of the little bugger can’t completely erase the old me.  You’ll have to pry the wine bottle out of my cold dead hands before that happens.


2 thoughts on “Boxes and Dust – part 1

  1. Isn’t it amazing how things change? Wait until he plays sports and DH is eager to coach him! I kid you not, that is what is happening in our household right now! It’s insane… and totally awesome because it leave more time for wine!

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