Was I waiting for the packing elves?

I have to make this a quick one – the Precious is up and getting cranky waiting for me to finish my coffee.  (I endeavour always to get up before him and have a cup of coffee, but it’s like he smells it and wakes up.)  It occurred to me last night at 2:30 am that we are moving and I have done precious little to get ready.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I went out with a couple of friends (at the behest of a email from a male friend) to “surprise” his Aussie girlfriend with an impromptu birthday celebration.  She was with an out of town friend in a hip restaurant in the entertainment district, and we 3 gals snuck in and hid by the bar (drink, drink) while they finished dinner, and then surprised her with the birthday song and proceeded to drink, drink, drink  into the wee hours!

That of course led to a very hung over old lady on Sunday who did absolutely nothing other than eat breakfast at a diner cause she was too darned dehydrated to do anything else but sit and be annoyed by DH.  No visit to mum, no nearby forays to Whole Paycheque to get organic milk, nothing!  Our Buddhist discussion meeting was cancelled because the weather was awful (it snowed like crazy the day before) and so I sat my dehydrated ass on the couch and watched the Oscars.  (By the way, where where the black people?  I saw Oprah and Halle Berry – that’s it. Just saying.)

I work tomorrow night, MIL is coming over to help out, and I have not packed nearly enough.

Oh, boy.


7 thoughts on “Was I waiting for the packing elves?

  1. But you had fun, yes?

    This is GOOD. It will get done — I know it seems overwhelming right now – but piece by piece, box by box — and not only that — a great time to purge!

    Ah, starting over in a new space. I love that feeling…

    I’m thinking of you –as I often do.



  2. I won’t tell you that I have boxes in the basement that I packed when we moved here NINETEEN YEARS AGO, that have never been opened. No, I won’t tell you that.

    One day I hope to open one, find a signed Picasso, sell it on ebay and use the money to visit all the bloggers I want to meet.

    Make up the guest bed Deathstar 🙂

  3. I can one-up OHN with 21-year-old unpacked boxes. ; ) When are you moving?

    I watched the entire Oscars, which for me ended around 11:45. And I still had to get up at 5 a.m. for work the next day. :p I have always loved Oscar night, ever since I was a little girl (maybe because my mom used to let me stay up late to watch it with her!), but this one left me feeling sort of “meh.” The gowns were lovely, but I thought the scripting for the hosts & presenters was mostly awful. As I read from a critic in the paper today, you know it’s bad when you’re topped by 50-year-old jokes from Bob Hope, of all people. Billy Crystal’s appearance made it so obvious how missed he was.

    And I know it’s tradition to thank your mom, but the constant refrain of mom, mom, mom, capped off by Natalie Portman’s acceptance speech (“the most important role of my life”) left a bad taste in my mouth. I feel a ranting post coming on. ; )

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