We’re in!

We’re in!  It got a little hairy when we were packing for 12 hrs straight and DH refused all suggestions of asking for help. DH must have packed and moved for 2 straight days morning and night and he only had 2 friends make one trip each.   Since he wanted banana boxes, that meant a lot of small boxes.  Of course, I kept asking all along for him to get larger boxes, but you know how that went.

I have to say that trying to pack/move with a toddler is all but impossible.  I called a friend who luckily was home all day and she took the Precious while I took a load of things to the new house and then back to the apartment to pack a little more and clean.  Yeah, I know, clean before the cleaning lady gets there but I just had to vaccum and wipe a little otherwise they could be there for hours on end.  Then I loaded up more stuff, picked up the kid, dropped them off with DH and went to fetch the dog from the dog sitter.  Then he took off again (!) while I attempted to unpack the kitchen  – hah!  – and feed the hungry, screaming kid.  You know, the place seemed a LOT bigger when you look at the pictures on the net.  It is not, the depth perception is wayyyy off.

In any case, for the record, we’re feeling pretty good about it so far.


6 thoughts on “We’re in!

  1. Good gawd…I need a nap just after reading about all the work. That cinches it, I am NEVER moving. They can just roll me out the back door when I die.

    How great to be in a neighborhood, yet close to things. Make it “yours” until you are ready to pack again.

  2. Wow! The backyard looks great with the complete fence and sunshine and grass and shade; like all real estate websites they probably used the fish eye lens (tricky, tricky)!

  3. Wicked cool pics! I love the old hardwood floors with that wonderful detail around the edges.

    Yes, moving sucks. Moving with a toddler is beyond anything any parent should have to endure. LOL. Glad you has someone to take him for the day.

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