Good news!

Good news!  Okay, so other than waking up with a cold yesterday, I am perfectly healthy.  The whole mammogram/ultrasound testing took hours.  The technician actually called me back into the x-ray 5 times. We even switched to another x-ray machine.   I can’t say my right breast has ever had that much action lately.  Squeeze.  Squeeze.  Squish, squish, squeeze.   All that was missing was the martinis and disco ball.  Then on to the ultrasound which lasted a lot longer than the last one. She says to look the other way but I can’t see the screen so I’m staring at the open ceiling tiles and chanting silently.   Silence.  Mmmm, then the technician goes to take the x-rays and her report to the radiologist.  For 20 minutes.  Swell.  I sit up and sneak a look at the pics that were still on the screen.  That cyst was still there.  A dark forboding circle.  I’m alternating rehearsing what I’m going to say to my husband about having cancer and saying daimoku and telling myself I’m fine and back to psyching myself up for chemo.

She finally comes back and says, get dressed, you’re fine, see you next year.  What?  No explanation, no nothing.  I leave feeling not quite relieved, but in a bubble.  Of course, I will return to my doctor for a follow up to get her to explain a little more.  I’m assuming my breasts are quite dense and hence all the thorough followup.  I need a little denouement, please.

I text hubby and let him know that everything’s okay.  Back at home, it’s back to dinner preparations, and feeling like crap cause I have a cold. I celebrated by having chocolate and Nyquil.

Can’t say I’m ever been so thrilled to have a cold.


14 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Wow. Crappy radiology service. I know the techs aren’t allowed to tell you a diagnosis, but keeping you waiting that long….geesh! (In my cardiology/neurology tech days I never let a patient with a normal diagnosis leave without an indication that they could relax and have a good week/weekend…they are already freaked out by having to be there to begin with!)

    If you make the chocolate a martini, you may not need the Nyquil.

  2. Wonderful to hear you got the all clear, but isn’t it frustrating to have no real explanation?? How crazy! My mom had to get 8 x-rays once. On the 8th she just burst into tears. But it turned out she was fine too!

    ICLW #24

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