Easter break

enjoying the sunshine

Hope y’all had a lovely Easter weekend.  We went to the in-laws on the island and enjoyed the sunshine. It was nice to have a little time away from the usual four walls.   I had a massive cold to contend with, but I kept topped up with Neo Citran, NyQuil and cold pills.  I got a lot of hands free time while the Precious was being enjoyed by the grandparents.   He certainly does enjoy the attention.  We went to a petting zoo and it was interesting to watch him interact with the animals.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do with the baby goats.  So he watched the other (human)kids and then picked up a brush, looked up at Nanny for the okay and then brushed the the baby goat.  Overall, he enjoyed being the one that people fawned over.  We fed the ducks and he fed himself as well.

By Saturday it was apparent that the Precious had caught my cold and we made plans to leave as early as possible the next day.  I hate to think that I gave it to him but it was inevitable really.  He seems to be taking it pretty well, snotty nose notwithstanding.  DH has been hovering over him being the doting father.

We came home to rain, but I don’t mind.  As I’ve said before I adore my spending time with my in-laws, but if I  try to spend any time on my own, it always gets pointed out.   I lugged along my dearest laptop (I’m addicted, it’s true). Had to squeeze in some blog reading, Lexulous and looking up obscure songs for them.   I did get a chance to read a couple of magazines (oh, joy, oh, bliss) and I did drive alone to a nearby mall (where I just bought cold pills and sunglasses for the Precious) and straight back lest I appear anti-social.  I invited my MIL but I know she loathes walking up and down the aisles just browsing (just like hubby), so she stayed behind. I like my alone time, driving down the highway with the tunes on, the sun shining.  It recharges my batteries.

I can see where women get a little squirrely – when you don’t have another arena to express your abilities, it’s pretty easy to feel like nobody sees the real you anymore.


4 thoughts on “Easter break

  1. Alone time is important, and I’m glad you got to read some mags. Most importantly I’m thankful that your scans turned up nothing scary.

  2. The invisible mommy syndrome. I know it well. Prior to being home with drool, poop, and screaming (not to mention what the kids did), I really lost the sense of who I was before I was mom.
    If I have any advice at all, it would be to make sure at least once a week you DO get out. Whether DH has to step in for 6 hours, or you find a lovely student to come play with Precious, you need to do it. Find it in the budget and get out. Even sitting at a coffee shop reading, or surfing the web will help center you back to you. I played the martyr and looking back realize I should have made sure I had ME time.

  3. I love my in-laws. When we’re with them, I barely see the kiddo! They are so amazing. Never feel guilty about taking time for youself! It makes you a better mom IMO.

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