I’d travel a country mile….

I got to see two of my very favourite people in this world – Annacyclopedia from I Am Vulnerable and the amazing C.  I’d travel the globe to see them and boy, did we.  We decided to meet in this ocean front town called White Rock.  I hadn’t been there in years probably because when you live in this city you have the beach mere minutes away.  The drive was nice though.  I felt like I was on a grand adventure and I was so excited. The Precious caught my cold last week, so he still had a runny nose but he was in a fine mood.

Ohmigosh, those big saucer cornflower blue eyes – you could get lost in them (they both have them)! Oh, C if you only knew you when you were a just a dream.  C has grown so much – it was only yesterday that both the Precious and C lay side by side on my couch like lumps and now they are both walking and talking.  Well, C is that’s for sure.  I was very impressed, he said my son’s name!  Mind you, if he hung out with me for too long he would be cursing like a sailor.

We went for a coffee and scone in a nearby bakery while the kids took a gander at each other from across the table.  Annacyclopedia can actually ninja breastfeed!  One second she’s ordering coffee, the next her kid is having a little sip and she hasn’t missed a beat.  How does she do that?!  The Precious had had enough of being strapped into a seat so he made himself at home on my lap and tasted jam with a fork and stared at our friends.  Eventually, he decided he needed to walk about and found willing female fingers to hang onto while he toured the tasty display case. He’s quite the social butterfly and has an eye for the ladies.

It was so great just laying eyes on her.  She is such a warm and lovely woman.  It’s funny having a blogger friend because there are so many things that we don’t know about each other.  It’s not like we grew up together and we live thousands of kilometres apart.  However, we know the important stuff.  We know each other’s hearts, you know?  We shared a journey, a connection and so I feel that I can just be myself with her.

We went on a walk in the windy, cold weather (the kids not caring one bit!) and took shelter by the veritable big white rock and talked a bit.  Of course, I had packed everything but a camera, but Annacyclopedia had her trusty Iphone so she snapped some pics.  My kid is of course, has grabbed a huge stick and experiments with it by poking C and tosses rocks at him.  Lovely.  Luckily, he is not averse to instructions to do otherwise.

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye – it was naptime, alas!  We hugged goodbye and went on our way.  I wanted to say so much more to her but I encouraged her to write more posts.  Like a lot of mothers, she has so much to say and so very little time.  We have to steal moments away from all our other obligations, and sometimes ruminating and writing out our deep thoughts doesn’t always seem…well… necessary.

On the way home, I hoped I didn’t sound so complaining.  I have to admit, I’m floundering a bit.  With no particular creative project with others, I feel a bit directionless, without meaningful WORK, do you know what I mean?  I’ve had two auditions recently and no word about either of them.  Silence.  I’m BORED.  Lonely.  So I have a tendency to whine.

Well, the Precious is making his dolphin noises, I must be off.  The sun is shining and so I must carpe diem and all that.

Thanks, A & C for the visit, you made my heart smile.


9 thoughts on “I’d travel a country mile….

  1. Oh to HAVE BEEN THERE!!!

    You guys are my favorites… I too am bored and lonely — and since I’ve been contemplating living offline a little more — eek — but then I’d miss YOU guys too.

    I’m so thrilled you got to see them. Jealous as hell at the thought of being with either of you — I’m telling you we will all meet someday — maybe in Tofino — I hear it’s outrageously great — we had a few days in Ucluelet nearly seven years ago — and it ranks among my greatest vacations of all time…



  2. Sounds like a lovely visit. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve become attached to my blog friends, I thought maybe that was just me. Good to know I’m not alone!
    And I don’t read this as complaining, I just think we all strive for balance in our lives. Time with family, friends, and much needed alone time too! Time for work and for play.

  3. Hey deathstar (love the name!), found your blog this morning via Zimmerhouse, whose blog I also really enjoy. I relate so much to what this post says (or rather, what YOU say in it!, these damn things don’t just write themselves… but if only they could!), especially as I’m a newbie blogger myself but have already started friendships with other bloggers. Their support has meant the world to me. As anyone could see who reads my blog, especially my first few posts, these blogs are a way to reach out in a world that can often be very lonely. Sometimes those cyberspace relationships really do exceed the ones in the so-called “real” world. Friendship is friendship, and the written word can be just as comforting as the spoken one, though it is great to sit with a true friend over coffee or drinks and be able to be yourself. Real friendship is a gift, and I never expected to find so much support upon entering the blogosphere. I look forward to more of your posts and I hope you get a call-back soon! The business of auditioning is exhausting. And as a fellow collaborator (I worked in the entertainment biz for YEARS) who really gets a high from working creatively with others, I understand the emptiness and despair when you can’t get that fix. It is brutally hard. But don’t let it get to you. (Easier said than done, I know.) This blog you do is meaningful work. (Maybe you should try collaborating on another blog or just a post, to enjoy that feeling of working with others???) Just keep writing… we’re out here, and we are listening to you, and what you say matters 🙂

  4. IS there a way I can read your password protected posts? I need all the insight on adoption As I can get!

  5. Oh, my friend! Just realized that I never commented on this post…the weeks are getting away from me and I doubt I’ll ever catch up…

    It was so wonderful to see you both. The wind was cold, but my heart was so warm, just seeing you and your boy, and listening to you. And you definitely didn’t sound complaining – I share many of your feelings, except I lack your drive and direction, so I tend to be unable to articulate things quite as well as you do. Anyway, it was a joy just to be with you.

    And I have been bragging to everyone about my “ninja breastfeeding” skills – love it!

  6. It warms my heart to hear of connections like this – two people (or four!) enjoying one another’s presence and companionship in these simple moments.

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