Simple pleasures

Welcome ICLW folks, read the street cred for quick back info.

I’m actually on vacation – which for me doesn’t mean leaving my laptop at home.  Horrors!  Oooh, it’s tough putting it down.  So I gotta make this quick.  We’re staying at a fantastic house rental on Galiano Island where there isn’t much to do except visit rocky shores, sit on a log and hike a mountain.  We had hoped to drive to the States, maybe do the Oregon Coast, but the Precious does not have a passport and we’re still waiting on his permanent residency.

We need to not do much of anything except hang out as a family.  DH and the Precious are like two peas in a pod.  I have my time alone.  I nap.  Drink coffee.  Watch them.   Take pictures.  Make salad.  Try not to cringe when the Precious brings a caterpillar in a Pringles can to me.  The weather has been variable, but it’s not raining so I’m not complaining.   I had a lovely birthday/Father’s Day cause they happened to fall on the same day this year.  Oh, I was loathe to give up my princess day but hey, it wasn’t so bad.  I brought a fine Australian shiraz along called Woop Woop.  Thought that was appropriate.  And a bottle of Smirnoff Pomegranate martini.  (OMG, it was f*** delicious over crushed ice.) Which is now empty.

DH is a great dad and he deserves breakfast in bed.  Well, he didn’t get that, but I made coffee and gave him the gift I brought along.  A framed photo of him and the Precious.  And he’d have another gift except Canada Post is on strike so that gift didn’t arrive before we left.  A different kind of “gift” did arrive. That’s right, my period.  Well, at least I’m in a better mood anyway.

This is nice, though, really nice.  We really needed this.  I’ll write more later.


12 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. Glad you are having a good time on vacation (and laptops are totally permissible in my book).

    Thanks for the heads up on the Smirnoff Pomegranate Martini. I will look for it to go along with my prized Skinnygirl Margarita!

  2. That sounds so nice! It’s fun to watch the kids shriek in excitement when you lift up a rock and the crabs to scurrying for cover. We love beach combing…. other than the fact that half the beach MUST come home because it’s all ‘special’.

    Glad you are having a good time & getting some actual relaxation in there. And now I am off to hit the liquor store to buy me some of those martinis and see for myself how truly delicious they are…

    • Candy in a glass, people, candy in a glass. Try it with crushed ice! Now if you’re American, make sure it’s actual VODKA in the bottle and not that cursed malt liquor crap they insist on infecting Mike’s Hard Lemonade with south of the border. Omigod, that stuff should be illegal.

  3. Hello from ICLW! I so want to take Mr. T on a nice vacation. We are most definitely over due! The entire time we have been married (6 and a half years) we have taken one vacation and that was to come home to visit family for a few days.

  4. I LOVE Galiano! I hope you are getting some decent weather! It’s been off and on pouring in Vancouver today!! I also love your choice in drinks 😉

  5. just what everyone needs. an escape from the daily grind, with a laptop of course?! 😉 either way sounds like you’re having a nice time. enjoy those beautiful moments when the family can’t escape 🙂

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