Home sweet, ohmigod, I gotta clean – home.

So our little holiday is over.  Oh, well, it was really nice.  Just what we needed.  To slow down.  To appreciate.  Not the usual vacations I’m used to taking.  Usually DH and I would visit a place and try to see and do everything we possibly can.  On Galiano, there’s not that much to do except hike, whale watch and dive.  It brought back a lot of memories of when we went there with Sampson.  Happy times.

We just spent time walking the rocky shores, exploring the shoreline.   There are 3 provincial parks, one of which we visited because it had a nice easy half hour walk through the trees and then a beach where we could sit and soak up the sunshine.    We hiked a lot, DH carrying the Precious in a carrier backpack.  We did go back to a spot we had found the last time we were there.  There’s a short trail that leads you to a beautiful little stretch of sandy beach, but the last part of the trail is so steep that the ropes someone put there are vital to keep you from falling and breaking your leg.  It’s secluded and the water is clear of those sharp black shells that can cost you a very expensive trip to the vet.  Juju went crazy dashing up and down splashing in the water and the DH held the Precious’ hand as he balanced on the logs.  He pointed at the giant ferries that went by and pointed to the seaplanes in the air.

Kids don’t need a lot of toys when they have new places to explore.  There’s always caterpillars to watch and marvel at or sticks to carry around or rocks to pick up.  When I have more time, I will post some photos.

DH made a point of really taking over and entertained the Precious, so I could just read a book, or take a nap.  They really are two peas in a pod. I would peek through the window and just watch them walk around the property.  The hosts found a little toddler ATV for the Precious and he loved it!  He was in charge of his very own car!   DH did have to do some work while the Precious had his afternoon nap, so I can’t say I got the attention I really wanted.  It was okay though, I just relaxed and took advantage of my alone time.  I was kinda hoping for a visit to the local spa for a birthday treat, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get to go to my usual place in town.

I’m having my first Buddhist meeting here this afternoon so I have to go tidy up a bit.  Later.



7 thoughts on “Home sweet, ohmigod, I gotta clean – home.

  1. sounds absolutely wonderful! happy belated again. hope you got some much needed R&R.

    your description of galiano reminds me of the trip we took out to mayne island after a few days in vancouver, right before my first major ute surgery 9 yrs ago. tiny seaplane in, ferry back. it was march and there was nothing to do but relax and explore. we walked across the island and back in a light snow (novelty for us!), relaxed in the soaking tub on the deck, and watched bald eagles soaring over the inlet. the power went out at dinner at our inn during a storm so it was candlelight and wine was poured. it was perfect!

  2. Awesome! so glad you got relax…seems like a wonderful holiday..

    PS: I had my first meeting at my place last week 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s great to meet other adoptive parents out there. We are just at the very beginning of our journey (still in the midst of home study). Like you, I’m hoping our wait will be short, but I’m also trying to temper my expectations. Looking forward to following your journey.

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