fresh air for everyone

Living in Vancouver, we are blessed with having Mother Nature around every corner. Even the city kids have green space or a park a few blocks away.  Not every kid is so lucky.  If you can help a kid out enjoy some time in a safe, beautiful environment and you live in the Northeastern States and Canada, please consider becoming a host family for this organization.


4 thoughts on “fresh air for everyone

  1. It’s so funny that you would even mention this organization. When I was small we actually hosted the same boy twice. My mom heard about the “fresh air kids” and we lived in a very (VERY) sleepy little village in New York state and she thought it would be nice to offer a kid a chance at seeing what it’s like out of a city.

    The boys name was Robert and his background story would break your heart.

    He rapidly became attached to my mom and wanted to live with us. She promised him he could come back the next summer, and he did. Sadly, by that point some scary things happened at our home (later we realized he was acting out the things that he was witnessing at home) and was unable to come back. A few years later she got a letter from him out of the blue. They exchanged a couple of notes, with him telling her that he always felt “safe” at our house. Sad. We never knew where he went after that, and I wonder if he ever thought about his time with us.

    It’s a wonderful organization. You can expose a child to a different kind of world than the only one he/she has ever known…..that exposure can be life changing for a child that thinks there is only one path in life.

  2. That is so true. You remind me of a childhood friend’s mother who had been so kind to me. I never got a chance to thank her. In the neighbourhood we live in, there are great parks, a forest at our doorstep, the beach is 10 minute drive away, so much to be thankful for.

  3. You live in Vancouver? I’m officially jealous- we went there years back and fell in love- good food, culture, diversity and the weather is fantastic.

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