Kid of few words

The link above is for those dusty old mother like myself who’s bundle of joy is driving them nuts.  I’ve found that often when there is developmental progress there is a bit of unpleasant behaviour phase.  Not that I expected my Precious to be a model of perfect toddler behaviour, but he’s a bit behind on the talking.  He seems quite reluctant to repeat anything we say.  He understands everything we say and responds appropriately.  The one thing he has never done has repeated words back to us.  When I really push him, he’ll try, but he looks like he can’t say it perfectly, he won’t say it at all.  I’ve tried to make it into a game and to make it fun so he doesn’t feel a huge pressure. I am naming everything he’s pointing at but I think we just have do practice a lot more.    He does have a few words but he doesn’t use them a lot.  He prefers to take my finger and drag me to the kitchen and point to what he wants.   I expect that if it doesn’t get better in a couple months, I’m going to have to broach the subject (again) with DH.  He is not a believer in any infant development expert.  He’s a big proponent on the common sense movement and when he wants advice he’ll ask his mother or his best friend, father of two boys.  As usual he goes to extremes, the kid is fine or he’s the “r” word (you know, the pejorative slang for developmentally delayed).  I know that all his noise just means he’s concerned but sometimes I just find his “my way or the highway” attitude exhausting. I wonder if all the intervention we’ve had over the years on family building has made him so resistant.

Of course, next week we’ll be in Toronto and my sister is an expert in verbal apraxia and baby/infant learning development and I’m sure she’ll have something to say which will piss him off.  Oh boy.  Chanting time. Wisdom come to me.


4 thoughts on “Kid of few words

  1. Ack, it’s hard when they don’t talk. Hope it’s not causing too much stress for you or your man. One of my nephews is a late talker, and I’ve known other kids who were late talkers, and the vast majority of the time, it is just the way that kid is, and often they’ll just start talking in sentences all of a sudden. It is a really good sign that he understands you and finds his own way to communicate with you, even if it does involve him dragging you around the house and pointing. I weary of standing up, sometimes…

    Hope the T dot visit goes ok and your sister doesn’t “bless” you with too much opinion/information. I’m a big believer that the experts can be useful at times but also incredibly frustrating since they tend to get very caught up in the whole notion that everyone has to reach developmental milestones by the same point. You could remind her that Einstein didn’t really talk until he was 5 or so!

    And yes, those leaps in understanding or dexterity or whatever often come with unpleasantness for the whole family. Like all things, change is the only constant with these little guys.

    Miss you, my friend. xo

  2. My sister didn’t speak until she was past 2. She would point & I would interpret for her. I’m sure he will talk in his own good time, but it doesn’t hurt to get an assessment if you’re concerned.

    As for your sister, if you need to escape, you can always come downtown & have lunch or coffee with me. ; ) Hope you have a good visit, though!

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