No kid attached

DH and I spent a wonderful day and a half in Whistler.  Kudos to his parents for stepping in to take care of the Precious so that we could have a lovely break.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  In truth, DH is the one who needed the break more than I did.  He hasn’t had a child free night since his last business trip.  The summer had been SO stressful for him at work and now…well, long story short, he’s at home with us until further notice.

I had bought one of those Group.on deals for an ATV ride in the summer and it was going to expire very soon so I booked it and it turned out to be a beautiful day, the ATV ride was a blast and then we had a romantic evening and stayed overnight at a really nice hotel.  Wow.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  Romantic. I’d almost forgotten how – or why for that matter.  The last time we were alone in Whistler was before the kid had come into existence really and we were there with Juju.  Even then DH was overly worried about leaving her alone (in a crate) in the hotel room (in case she started whining or barking) and we had a hurried dinner in the hotel restaurant – and he even went to check on her.  This time around, I was surprised he wasn’t calling his mother every 5 minutes to check on the kid.  (Okay, I called once, so sue me.)  No, he actually focussed on us, we talked, we relaxed, it was so good for us.  It felt like a honest to goodness date.  You know, where you just enjoy the moments, no baggage attached. No kid attached.

Yes, we missed the Boo and we were quite happy to see him when we got home (refreshed by the sleep in) but the kid didn’t seem to miss us at all.  No tears, no fuss with nanny and grandpa.  They were exhausted of course, but they had a great time with him and the Precious was so happy with our return that he woke us up screaming at 6am just for the heck of it.  Ah, good to be home.


6 thoughts on “No kid attached

  1. I am SO happy for you both — that sort of recharging is essential — and in one of my favorite places on earth.

    I’m sorry for the stressful summer — I know how one component of stress in a household can compound other stressors. I’ve been thinking of you so often.



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