How to wage war with a toddler and lose

It took 45 minutes to get out of the house this morning.  Seems the Precious didn’t want to wear clothes and no amount of his mum asking, pleading, demanding, yelling was going to make him change his mind. Yes, I’ve read all about transitions and how difficult they can be for toddlers.  I’ve been practising my modern  mummy techniques for a while now.  On occasion they work.  Oh, I tried the, “if we get dressed we can go outside and play” explanation plus a few more variations on that theme followed by the stern “GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW AND PUT ON YOUR DIAPER/PULLUP/UNDERWEAR, etc” explanation.  That was met with grins and shrieking and running away.  Apparently this was a game and I was playing my role quite well.  Then I decided that I would just get ready and leave by going downstairs and shutting the door.  Sometimes if I put on my shoes and get ready to go, he decides he wants to come after all.  This  attempt however prompted much foot stomping, yelling and then peeing on the runner in front of the basement door.  So up I came and sopped up the liquid and  no, the Precious did not seem frightened or even teary in the slightest.  He did look chastened however.  I felt horrible as I grabbed him, put him on my lap and put on his pullups while he put up token resistance and then gave in.   Then I directed him to bring me his pants, shirt, etc til we were done.

We had a perfectly lovely walk to the park and enjoyed throwing the ball for the dog and swinging til it was time to go home again.  I bribed him with juice and animal crackers to get out of the swing.

Of course, when hubby and his buddy arrived home after soccer, I told them my tale of woe.  They schooled me on what I SHOULD have done.  Cause apparently when they say PUT ON YOUR SHOES or whatever, they NEVER have a problem, so CLEARLY, I have no idea of what I’m doing.  This whole talking reasonably is a waste of time and I’m not being consistent.  Well, that’s true, I’m not consistent.  I start off being quite reasonable and calm and THEN I try to be ALL SERIOUS BUSINESS.



5 thoughts on “How to wage war with a toddler and lose

  1. Blah that’s BS. They never do things for their mamas! We’ve entered the constant battle stage. I had great success with YELLING LOUDLY and SLAMMING THE DOOR the other day. Pretty funny.

  2. I had to resort to books in order to save my sanity with my willful daughter. First 1-2-3 Magic was used and then we moved to Love and Logic. But she still is the reason that I have gone gray!

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