More grey hairs

First of all I just want to say thank you for your support.  When I wrote my last post, it was a pretty darn messy with grammar and punctuation.  I had been trying to write it in bits and pieces and kept getting interrupted.  I appreciate your empathy; it was like a warm internet -y hug.  Why am I not in therapy… oh yeah, spent that money on IVF and adoption.  Hah!

Wanna get some grey hairs and lose sleep, all within 24 hours – have your toddler scramble out of his crib and hit the floor.  Twice. He’s fine, I’m  not.

The Precious  has been acting weird lately.  In that toddler fine one second, crying the next kind of way.  He’s teething, not sleeping well, whining a lot and gets clingy when either one of us tries to leave.  I used to be able to drop him at the childminding when I went to the gym – now he screams and cries like he’s being flayed alive.  When the other mothers come to pick up their kids after a class and I’m not there right away, he starts up again.

He’s waking up at night whinging, crying and when I go in to calm and reassure him, well, he fake sleeps on me and won’t go back to bed choosing to cling to me for dear life.  I give him Advil before bedtime but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.  Not sure why he started doing this, is it nightmares or teething or what?  Then hubby has to go in and bounce him on his knee for 20 minutes.    But we put a stop to that once we realized he was getting used to the nightly cuddle and bottle of milk.  Now we just tell him to go back to bed.  That worked for a bit.  Until yesterday when he woke up unexpectedly early from a nap and thinking he was still hungry, I went in to give him milk.  Then I put him back in the crib and closed the door.  I’ve done this before and it’s never been a problem.  This time, he got hysterical and before I even got two steps away, I hear hysterical crying then a THUD.  I swoop in and scoop him off the hardwood floor, checking for bumps on his head.  He cried for about 30 seconds and then started to play with his fire station.  Apparently he just didn’t want to sleep anymore.

I call DH who was out walking the dog.   I’m teary, but relieved he’s fine.  We go out that evening with friends who flew in for the weekend.  I get tipsy and have a perfectly lovely evening.  Our friends are seasoned parents and it was really nice to get some supportive chat with the wife.  We think there’s no way he’s going to try that stunt again.   Last night, the Precious starts whinging again at about 1:30am.  Hubby yells at him to go back to sleep.  But this time, the crying ramps up and I hear that hysterical tone again.  I hesitate briefly before I decide that perhaps he needs some Advil for his teeth.  Maybe I should just go in and …. THUD!  –  We both fly in and he’s fine, daddy gives him a stern lecture about not climbing out of his crib (yes, the mattress is on the lowest setting, but the kid is tall and nimble).  I throw a king size pillow and blankets on the floor and proceed to stay up til 4:30 in the morning worrying, unable to sleep at all.  The sleeplessness nights are back.

Tonight, we padded the floor with pillows and a duvet, but tomorrow, we’re converting the crib into a toddler bed.  I’m pretty darn sure that’s going to create another problem, but it’s hubby’s idea.  I don’t think the Precious is quite ready for that, as he will surely just slide out of bed and start wandering around his room or pounding on the door.  It’s worth a try, I guess.  I suppose I could get a net or something to put on top of his crib, but it might freak him out even more.  Oh, boy. More toddler fun. Whee.





11 thoughts on “More grey hairs

  1. Ok, this post gave me cold sweats from those days. Brrrr…no fun. I hated that toddler stage.

    Very cold comfort is to say that they do grow out of it. And so far the only thing that’s been worse has been the 4 year old temper tantrums. But that was short lived.

  2. That was pretty much the very reason MG ended up in a big bed (we skipped a toddler bed). We started with just her mattress on the floor for a couple of months and then put it on the proper bed.
    And yes, it’s a whole new set of issues. LOL.

    We also had the same issues about that age with sleep – not that MG was ever a good sleeper. We started getting her up and making her eat a bowl of instant oats. Eventually we moved that “meal” to her pre-bed snack and it seemed to work. Even now, we give her a bowl of cereal before bed if she wants it.

  3. Sorry to chime in late. You could try a crib tent:

    Separation anxiety &^%$s. You know you are in the middle of it when personal space starts to feel like oxygen — when there isn’t enough of it.

    My father bought us a crib tent when our oldest was brand new because the cat wouldn’t stay out of the crib … she later pooped in it (her editorial on the new addition?). I thought it was kind of silly, but the bonus effect was that we never had to deal with untimely escapes.

    • Where the heck was was this when I needed it?! Hubby just converted his bed into a transition toddler bed it has two panels on either side – of course, he can just get out through the middle any time he wants. Which happened today at nap time, but I suppose it’s better than him jumping over the side. They won’t ship this to Canada, however.

  4. oh gosh I am terrified of the day that Sofie can climb over her crib. We just had to lower her bed as far as it would go because the little stinker is now pulling herself up and thinks it’s the greatest thing ever. She’s tall for her age and I just know the day is coming when she’ll learn how to climb out. I am glad to hear the Precious wasn’t hurt!

  5. Omg toddlerhood may do us all in.
    So glad he wasn’t hurt, so scary.

    Have to say I was proud if J when she asked fir the big girl toddler bed, but now she gets up when she wants and fights sleep. Quiet time doesn’t work, I just pray she’s not giving up her nap. Mama needs that.

    Love you

  6. We still have a gate across the door to Z’s room so that she couldn’t go roaming around when she got out of her toddler bed. And we gave her an alarm clock for toddlers and told her that she had to wait until her clock turned green to call us. But otherwise she could play in her room.

    • By the way, went to the library for the 123 Magic book – it’s on hold by tons of other people – and I have to wait a bit to get a copy delivered by Apparently, it’s very popular!

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