Just when I think I’ve got this kid figured out, he changes. He seems to have stopped napping the day we got back.  Or at least at his regularly scheduled time.  If he naps in the car or on a walk, even if it’s only ten minutes, we’re “hooped”.  That’s a Canadian expression meaning “we’re screwed”.  It means I can give him warm milk and put him in his bed and he screams and sobs for 45 minutes straight or until I can’t take it anymore and let him out.  I’ve tried letting him cry it out.  I’ve tried explaining to him that he needs a little rest and he can play later.  I’ve tried a later nap time.  And though I can see he’s tired – he tends to be more easily frustrated or loses his balance more – he presses through til about 7:30 or 8pm.    This is the kid who just a few weeks ago, went gently into that good nap and still went to bed on time.

Oh, sleep, sweet sleep.  I had a nap this afternoon – a very rare occasion.  I can count on one hand the times I’ve taken an afternoon nap in the past two years.  Even after the kid started yanking my hair and throwing himself on my chest, I went back to sleep.  Don’t worry, hubby was there keeping him company on the couch on a very rainy afternoon.

On the day we left to come back home from our trip, I was feeling absolutely crummy.  I thought it was a hangover but I was really coming down with something.  A cold.  I seem to be over it.  I had the help of Neo Citran and Nyquil.  I love Nyquil when I’m sick.  Seriously.  It’s like an instant coma.  And I get a brief buzz before I slip off into Land of Nod.  What can be better than that?!  I remember when my mum had her stroke and I was visiting her in the hospital at least two or 3 times – a day.  I got insomnia and that went on for 2 years.  I could always fall asleep but I could never stay asleep.  This was why I never minded getting up at 2 or 3am with the kid when he was an infant.   I was up anyway.  These days, I do actually mind quite a bit because once he’s up, the day is busy and if I am to get through it with balance, it helps if I’m well rested.  Now I dream of getting a cold so I can use Nyquil.

Which brings me back to my first point.  The kid is resisting naps with a vengeance.  Now when I make his milk, he runs away from me to close his bedroom door cause he doesn’t want to go IN.  Usually if we’re up early and I keep him busy and active with lots of fresh air, it’s not a problem, but I can’t always spend the mornings simply just playing with him, particularly if it’s cold and miserable outside.  And if I don’t have the car, then we can’t get the community centre.  Oh, it’s within walking distance but if he even catches so much as a ten minute nap in the stroller, then it’s game over.  Of course, it seems as if he’s sleeping through the night better.  But that means I don’t get any time to myself.  Even half an hour would be nice to make phone calls, or do laundry or read. So I’m not sure if he’s truly done with his afternoon nap or just screwing with me.

It’s after midnight and the only reason I’m still up, is because I took a nap.  But the morning will come soon and I’ll be tired again.

I’m hooped.


4 thoughts on “Hooped

  1. You and me both sister. Hooped. I like that — I think I’ll start using it.

    If she gets a brief nap that she’s woken from — FORGET IT — she’ll never get back to sleep — so there’s that “can I go anywhere right now or is she going to fall asleep and screw up naptime?” — ugh.

    She’s never been an easy getting-to-sleeper — I blame it on those early months of colic where after that I was willing to go through any length to get her to sleep — and so she became used to my rocking incessantly — nursing etc. — now she’s just begun napping without rocking — but she’s still nursing.

    Like you I feel like I haven’t slept well in two years — she’s still sleeping in our bed — which I always felt was necessary — but I am starting to envision a time when she can transfer to her bed — but I fear it ….

    I wish I had advice — I have none, just commiseration.

    I’ve been thinking of you lately as my mother just had a hip replacement — and we’ve had the gift of her cousin coming to care for her — but I just couldn’t do what I need to do with Z and care for her too.

    It’s hard.



    • I have no idea how people sleep with their kid in the bed. Do you go to bed at the same time or do you just sneak in later? What do you do when you want to get a little something? What if they take a poo in the middle of the night? Don’t you smell it? Of course, sometimes I wish the Precious would sleep in with us – but no, he’s an action kind of dude.

      • Well…there’s no action during the normal nighttime –which wasn’t our way anyway — *ahem* morning folks — so when she wanders out of bed some mornings to check on the cat and do her chatty rounds hopefully — though we have to be creative…the hardest part for me is that she’s been having nightmares — and I’m reaching for her — reassuring her — she’s nursing quite a bit again — and I hear that when they sleep close to you like that they don’t fall into the same pattern of sleep that they would alone — they come to the surface too easily or somthing? Not sure but I always worry I’m screwing things up somehow…but she was so fussy, so clearly in need of closeness — there was no way she was sleeping alone — and the transition will be slow and …slow.. hahahah and luckily she’s never been a midnight poo-er — thank god because I have enough waking me up between G’s snoring, the fricken dog’s snoring and pokey claws — and Z’s snuffling and wiggling.

        Yep. No sleep for the wicked.



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