Freezing mama

Well, it’s official – I’m freezing.  Hubby has made it his mission to hermetically seal us in with plastic to keep the cold drafts out.  And he’s blocked off some of the vents downstairs in the basement to keep the heat upstairs.  He took the 2nd heater downstairs as it does nothing for me in the living room.  I’ve got a Snuggie around here somewhere.  The other day he borrowed a ladder and did the skylight in the bathroom – tough job, it’s angled and it’s about 12 ft high.  Now it’s not so chilly in there.  A small heater has been placed in the Precious’ bedroom so we can lower the house temperature at night and he’s still cozy as a bug.  Hubby managed to make that sound like a science project.  He has it perfectly timed to heat up his room just after his bath, then he turns it down to coast at a suitable temperature by the time he puts him down. But that means, we can’t turn up the heat (to suit me) because we don’t want to roast him in his room.  So I’m looking for the Snuggie I have around here somewhere to hold me until bedtime.

We’ve got a lovely duvet that keeps us cozy and well, the dog has fur so she’s good.  She cuddles up on the blanket covered couch at night. Ah, the downside to an old home.  Even the wall behind our bed (we have no frame) is cold to the touch.

Now I’ve noticed that when we did turn up the heat during the day, we all did some sneezing.  So either the dust filter is not placed correctly in the furnace or the house needs cleaning.  At first, we thought the kid was getting a cold, his nose ran a little bit and then stopped after a couple of days.  Huh. Since we put the dog on a raw food diet, there is 80% less hair tumbleweeds around, so perhaps it’s mold or something.  Or perhaps I’m getting a cold.  Argh!

Anyways, the point is I’m still cold.  The kid of course, does not seem to care one little bit.  He insists on going out in the freezing dark to go the local school playground (a block away).  Lots of puddles to jump in over there.  You know, I’m not a puddle fan, in fact, I hate being outside in the cold unless the sun is out and I’m walking quickly somewhere to get OUT of the cold.  But I have to admit, once I actually got my curmudgeonly soul outside, it was fun.  We look up at the stars if they’re out and we jump in the puddles and we sing nonsensical songs and he holds my hand on the way home.  A couple of houses already have their Christmas lights up.  He gets a blast of fresh air and exercise before supper and bedtime and I get quality son and mum time.  Hubby has to start or finish dinner.  No laptop, no cartoons,  no trying to get him to sit still while I clean/pick fuzzballs out of his hair/get him dressed.



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