A great way to lose weight

Happy New Year  – talk about out with the old…..I’ve got gastroenteritis (or food poisoning  – why oh why did I eat KFC on New Year’s Eve?) and have been puking and you know what else all day.  I took Pepto Bismol to just to give myself a break but now I realize, I just may be prolonging my agony.  Oh, man. And I have rallied long enough to share this suffering with you.

DH had symptoms New Year’s Eve and simultaneously uncorked the champagne at midnight and his behind at the same time.  This was the most pathetic NYE we have ever had. This morning the kid puked up his morning milk.  Yep.  Yet he seems to have recovered and is dragging my still ailing hubby all over the place.

Here’s wishing you all good health, prosperity and a lot of laughs.

7 thoughts on “A great way to lose weight

  1. Oh brother. Happy FU*^ING New Year! Don’t ever delay the expulsion of what ails you. I worked for a GI doc once that would lose his mind every time someone called in and said they had food poisoning and wanted an antidiarrheal med. He would scream “why do they want to keep inside the shit that needs to come out?” Yes, he really did say that 🙂

    I hope by the time you read this nobody needs a cork anywhere.

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