Where we live – Part 1

Okay, at the rate I take pictures this is never going to happen, so here it is – let’s call it Part 1


8 thoughts on “Where we live – Part 1

  1. I love having peeks into the lives of my “friends” 🙂 You made me laugh with the photo of starbucks….home away from home huh?
    I also didn’t remember that you had a spaniel. We had a black cocker spaniel that had a white stripe on her chest. She was the dog that we spent so much money on at the vet we could have put one of the boys through college if we hadn’t had her…but we loved our little Smudge.
    Keep the pix coming!

    • That’s my MIL’s dog, Star. Oddly enough, she has also spent an inordinate amount on her cocker spaniels- Star is her fourth (and youngest) one – she takes in rescued cocker spaniels.

      • Cockers are notoriously famous for medical issues–we did not know this when we fell in love with this little fuzzy puppy. Her first vet visit was three days after we got her and he saved her from almost certain death. Thanks doc. She also had chronic ear infections, had to have an eye removed, had cancer BETWEEN her toes, and the list goes on and on. Your MIL gets rescues because normal people get rid of their money suckers and kind people like your MIL take them in 🙂

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