Sick days

The Precious had his first really bad cold/cough this weekend.  He had one while we were away on the island, it seemed to be getting better though he had diarrhea all week.  So we cut back his milk, juice and even his homeopathic cough medicine (which had sorbitol in the first few ingredients.  Sorbitol and too much juice can be a culprit).  We risked a play date with his sniffly BFF, and then he seemed to get another virus.    His cough was wet and chesty and he was lethargic, whiny, irritable and broke out crying at the slightest thing.  DH and I took turns watching cuddling  with him on the couch.   Don’t ask me how many times I watched Dora the Explorer.

I was up with him in the middle of the night, with Advil in one hand and a cool cloth in the other.   I felt kind of grateful to realize that this was the only time he’s been sick enough for me to have to go in room and take care of him.  It made me remember how my mum would surprise me with Vicks Vaporub in the middle of the night.  Whenever I had a cough, I would try like hell to suppress it because I knew what would happen if she heard me.  And she always heard me.  Mmmm.

Anyways, he’s still hacking, but he’s better.  He put chewed up mac and cheese in my humidifier.  HE’S BAAA-AAACK!


2 thoughts on “Sick days

  1. Being in a sentimental mood today, I will just say that I wish I had appreciated those cuddly couch days more. Sitting there bored to tears (Barney in our case) all I could think of were the things that weren’t getting done. Now, to sit and snuggle sounds wonderful. Ah, life.
    Why do kids all hate Vick’s? I use it now when my head is stuffed up and its fabulous. (As a twisted side note, did you know cops put it in their noses when they go to a dead body call? Yeah, twisted, but it works).
    Sounds like I need to head back to bed….Mrs. sad and morbid today.

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